Dmitriy Zhuk

Zhuk Dmitriy

senior lecturer


Department of Economics and Marketing

Contact details


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 241-4

Research interests:

1) website creation, evaluation of site promotion, internet marketing research;
2) b2c and b2b descriptive and exploratory marketing research; 
3) system of indirect taxation in the fiscal policy of the government.


Macroeconomics, International Economics, Marketing Research, Internet Marketing, Marketing audit.

List of publications​: 

1) Market research: a teaching aid for the implementation of the course work for students for the specialty «Marketing» / D. Zhuk., V. Usevich. – Minsk, BSTU, 2016.

2) Monetization methods of non-profit websites / D. Zhuk. – Innovative development and cross-border security: economic, environmental, legal, social and humanitarian aspects: IV ISPC (Chernigiv, 21.12.2015 г.), Chernihiv National Technological University, 2015. 

3) Competitive analysis of bitumen-polymer mastics for construction work on the example of the materials «Autocrine» and bitumen building brands / М. Korotkov, D. Zhuk. – Scientific works of BSTU. – Minsk, BSTU, 2011.

4) Internet Marketing: The texts of lectures for students for specialty «Marketing». / М. Korotkov, D. Zhuk. – Minsk, BSTU, 2011.