Elena Krivonosova

Krivonosova Elena

Senior Lecturer


Department of Intercultural Communication and Technical Translation

Contact details

  8 (017) 226 10 82


 Ulyanovskaya St., 33 room 111

Research interests:

Practice and methodology of teaching foreign (English) language.

Work (project method) facilities.

Translation of special literature.

Teaching adults a foreign language.


Business English.

English for Master's degree students.

English for the 1-st and 2-nd -year students (Information Technology Faculty, Faculty of Print Technology and Media Communications, Chemistry Technology and Engineering Faculty).

List of publications​: 

  1. Kryvonosova E. V., Methods of curator work at the University. Minsk: BSTU, //Proceedings of BSTU. Section Social Sciences, - 2012
  2. Kryvonosova E. V., Peculiarities of teaching adults a foreign language. Minsk: BSTU, // Proceedings of BSTU. Section Social Sciences, - 2013.
  3. Romanova A. M., Simonova T. A., Kryvonosova E. V., Kolycheva L. N., textbook in English for students of the specialty "Environmental Protection", Minsk: BSTU, 2013.
  4. Kryvonosova E. V., Translation peculiarities of technical literature. Minsk: BSTU, // Proceedings of BSTU. Section Social Sciences, - 2014.
  5. Kryvonosova E. V., Shpanovskaya S. I., Translation of the textbook.  Morozov O. V., Labokha K. V., Klysh A. S. Forestry and Bog Study. Minsk: BSTU, 2014 – 313 p.
  6. Laskovnev A. P., Harast A. I.,  Kryvonosova E. V., Stability of the composition and structure of material to the effects of environmental factors when creating polyacrylonitrile cooling media.  Interuniversity proceedings "Scientific Notes", V. 49, Lutsk, Ukraine, 2015.
  7. Harast A. I., Kryvonosova E. V., Posledovich K. D. et al.  Use of industrial wastes of plastics and elastomers in the manufacture of casting materials. Int. conf. mat. "Resource-saving technologies and equipment", Minsk: BSTU, 2015.
  8. Kryvonosova E. V., Lesnevskaya G. N., Yachnaya T. A. English for chemistry and technology of organic substances and materials. Textbook for students of chemical specialities. Minsk: BSTU, 2016 – 114 p.