Elvira Krutsko

Krutsko Elvira

Professor, Grand PhD in (Engineering) sciences


Department of Polymer Сomposite Materials

Contact details

 +375 44 7 23 06 32, 8 (017) 327-65-62


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 205-2

Research interests:

Chemistry and technology of organic substances, oligomers, polymers, composite materials, films, fibers fnd coatings fos special application in microelectronics. Has  developed new principles of forecasting polymeric materials properties.


Technology of plastics;

- Teory of Chemical-technological processes of High molecular Compounds Synthesis;

- Teory of Chemical-technological processes of  Organic synthesis;

- Chemistry and Technology of  Filmforming Compounds and composites;

- Methods of investigations and chemistry Modification of Polymers;

- Chemistry modification of  Filmforming polymers;

- Technology of Biodegradation polymers.

List of publications​: 

  • Polyimides. Synthesis,Properties,Application/ E.T.Krutko [et al.];- Minsk: BSTU.-2002.-300 ps.
  • Prockopchuk  N.R., Krutko E.T.,Morev F.V.The Modification of the epoxy resins by polyisocianate.Nova Publisher.Chapter in the Book ASPES.-2013, Vol.8, Issue 4, 2013.- P.224-231.
  • Krutko E.T. , Zhuravleva M.B., Zharskaya  T.A., Abadie J.M.Curing of the epoxy resin by modified aminotype hardener. Proceeding of STEPY-9, 9th European Technical Symposium  on Polyimides and High Performence Functional Polymers STEPY 9@IAE, Universite Montpellier 11, France, S.T.L. June 3-5, 2013, P.201-211.
  • Krutko E.T., Procopchuk N.R. Prospective production ways of new heat-resisting materials based on polyimide.  Chapter in the book: Progress in polymer, composite and Monomer chemistry and physics. Several steps ahead/ Edited by Gennady E. Zaikov, Eva Ktodzinska, Oleg V. Stoyanov. Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes.- Torun, Poland.- 2014.-P.P. 143-149.
  • Prokopchuk N.R., Krutko E.T., M.V.Zhuravleva,T.A.Zharskaya Protective Properties of Modified Epoxy Coatings. Process Advancement in Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringResearch/ Apple Academic Press, Editors  G.E.Zaikov, V.A.Babkin, -2016, P.P. 71-81. (США).