Igor Mironov

Mironov Igor’ Alexandrovich

Assistant lecturer


Informatics and Web-Design

Contact details

 +375 (017) 327 05 17


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 310-1

Research interests:

Construction and administration of local computer networks, virtualization technologies, cloud computing.


  • computer Networks;
  • computer Systems and Networks;
  • administration of Information Systems and WEB-Portals;
  • computer Geometry and Graphics.

List of publications​: 

  • Features of Computer Network of BSTU Modernization / I. A. Mironov, D. M. Romanenko // Proceedings BSTU, 2012. – № 6: Computer Science and Engineering - P. 139-142.
  • Centralized Storage System and Synchronization of E-learning Materials based on "Cloud" Technologies / I. A. Mironov, Y. A. Zhuk // Proceedings BSTU, 2016. – № 6: Physics and Mathematics sciences and Informatics. – P. 152–155.
  • Use of "Cloud" Technologies in Virtual Communication between Teachers and Students of “IT-specialties” / I. A. Mironov, Y. A. Zhuk // Theory and practice in the psychological and pedagogical training for professionals at the university: Collection of scientific reports – Second book – Bulgaria, Gabrovo, "EKS-PRESS" Publishing House, 2016. – P. 245–248.
  • Application the Tool Environment Multisim in Training Courses / A. S. Kobaylo, I. A. Mironov // Problems and main directions of development of higher technical education: Proceedings of XXII Scientific Conference - Minsk, BSTU, 2016. - P. 64.