Ihar Bazhelka


Bazhelka Ihar

Head of Department


Department of Woodworking Technology

Contact details

 +375 29 761 14 06, 8 (017) 327 73 50


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 416-4

Research interests:

Wood Preservation, Wood Conservation, Laboratory Testing of Wood Materials and Antiseptics, Plywood and Particleboard Production, Complex Usage of Wood, Wood Products Certification.


Glued Board Technology. Technology and Equipment of Woodworking Industries.

List of publications​: 

  • Bazhelka I., Snopkov V. Formulation of aqueous emulsion composition based on shale oil for impregnation of sleeper. Proceedings of BSTU. – 2008. – Issue 2: Wood and Woodworking Industry.
  • Bazhelka I., Leonovich O. Determination of timber destruction caused by different fungi through DNA analysis. Proceedings of BSTU. – 2009. – Issue 2: Wood and Woodworking Industry.
  • Bazhelka I. Technology of sleeper incising before their treatment with water-based preservatives. Proceedings of BSTU. – 2010. – № 2: Wood and Woodworking Industry.
  • Bazhelka I. Prediction of the stress-strain state of wooden structures and products in service. Journal of Kharkov National Technical University of Agriculture Petro Vasilenko. – № 155. – 2014.
  • Bazhelka I., Snopkov V. Bioprotection of wooden sleepers. Woodworking: technologies, equipment, management of the XXI century. Proceedings of the VII International Symposium Eurasian, Yekaterinburg, 23-25 of May 2012 – 2012.