Iryna Gromyko


Gromyko Iryna

Assistant Professor


Department of Printing Production

Contact details

 8 (017) 327 26 88

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 213-4

Research interests:

Information evaluation of the quality of printed products.


«The technology of prepress and printing processes», «The technology of printing and finishing processes in the production of packaging».

List of publications​: 

  • Gromyko I. G., Titov D. A. The impact of information technology and the characteristics of the quality of prints screen printing. Trudy BGTU [Proceedings of BSTU], 2012, no. 9: Publishing and Printing, pp. 23-26 (In Russian).
  • Gromyko I. G., Titov D. A. The relationship gradation and information characteristics of intaglio print. Trudy BGTU [Proceedings of BSTU], 2013, no. 8: Publishing and Printing, pp. 12-15 (In Russian).
  • Gromyko I. G., Matsueva S. D. Information evaluation playback of digital and print original by offset printing. Trudy BGTU [Proceedings of BSTU], 2014, no. 9: Publishing and Printing, pp. 18-22 (In Russian).
  • Gromyko I. G., Medyak D. М., Kulak М. I. Information assessment of objects 3D-printing. Trudy BGTU [Proceedings of BSTU], 2014, no. 9: Publishing and Printing, pp. 13-17 (In Russian).
  • Gromyko I. G. Influence of speed printing process on value of losses information capacity of offset printing prints. Trudy BGTU [Proceedings of BSTU], 2015, no. 9: Publishing and Printing, pp. 7-11 (In Russian).