Iryna Marchenko


Marchenko Irina

Senior Lecturer


Department of Printing Production

Contact details

+375 29 684 44 58, 8 (01776) 4 44 58

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 307-4

Research interests:

Printing and Finishing Processes of polygraphic production; Оperative polygraphy; Restoration and repair of printed publications.


Technology postpress processes; Technology packaging; Оperative polygraphy; Metrology, standardization and quality control of printed products.

List of publications​: 

  • Marchenko I. V., Dolgova T.A. Fractal approach to the study of book semis pressing processes. Nauchno-tekhnicheskiy zhurnal «Problemy poligrafii i izdatel'skogo dela» [Scientific and Technical Journal "Problems of the printing and publishing industry"], Moscow, 2011, no. 6, pp.13−18 (In Russian).
  • Marchenko I.V., Dolgova T.A. Influence of technological operations of finishing to change the strength characteristics of paper. Trudy BGTU [Proceedings of BSTU], 2012, no. 9: Publishing and Printing, pp. 33-36 (In Russian).
  • Marchenko I. V., Starchenko O. P.  Investigation bond strength sheets in the spine of the book block using PUR-adhesive. Trudy BGTU [Proceedings of BSTU], 2013, no. 8: Publishing and Printing, pp. 34-38 (In Russian).
  • Kulak M. I., Marchenko I. V., Dolgova T. A. Research of firmness knife cutting machines during operation. Trudy BGTU [Proceedings of BSTU], 2013, no. 8: Publishing and Printing, pp. 29-33 (In Russian).
  • Dmitruk, K. Main Tendencies of Packaging Design in Belarus / K. Dmitruk, A. Volskaya, I. Marchenko, O. Novoselskaya // Proceedings of Chemnitz University of Thechnology; prof. R. R. Baumann [and others].   Berlin, 2013, pp. 337-341.
  • Marchenko I. V., Starchenko O. P. Retrospective analysis of theses on printing and patent activity in the adhesive binding. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov «Tekhnologіya і tekhnіka drukarstva», IPI NTUU «KPI» [Collection of scientific papers «Technology and Technique of Typography», Publishing and Printing Institute National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»]. Ukraine, Kiev, 2015, no. 3 (49 ), pp. 125-132.