Iryna Vialikanava


Vialikanava Iryna

PhD (Chemistry), assistant professor


Department of Physical, Colloid and Analytical Chemistry

Contact details

 +375 17 327 58 38

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 512-3a

Research interests:

Insoluble anodes for electrochemical processes.


Physical chemistry.

List of publications​: 

  • I. A. Velikanova, N. P. Ivanova, and I. M. Zharskii. Effects of Reaction Conditions on the Electrochemical Activity of Titanium Anodes with Iridium Oxide Coating. / Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 2008, Vol. 44, No. 7, pp. 847-851.
  • A.A. Zatsiupa, L.A. Bashkirov, I. A. Vialikanava, G.S. Petrov. Synthesis, properties and structure of solid solutions on the basis of Bi2Fe4O9 // Sviridov Readings 2015: 7-th Intern. Conf. on Chemistry and Chemical Education, Minsk, Belarus, 7 - 11 April 2015: Book of Abstr. - Minsk, Krasico-Print, 2015.- P.45-46.
  • A.A. Zatsiupa, L.A. Bashkirov, I.A. Vialikanava, G.S. Petrov, and S.V. Shevchenko. Influence of Isovalent and Heterovalent Substitution for Bi3+ and Fe3+ on the Properties of Bi2Fe4O9-Based Solid Solutions // Inorganic Materials, 2016, Vol. 52, № 4, p. 361-366.