Leonid Bashkirov


Leonid Bashkirov



Department of Physical, Colloid and Analytical Chemistry

Contact details

 +375 17 327 72 27


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 512-3a

Research interests:

Mechanism and kinetics of solid­phase reactions, interdiffusion of ions, phase equilibrium in oxide systems, materials for electronics
(ferrites, ferroelectrics, superconductors, solid­state chemical sensors).


List of publications​: 

  • Investigation  of  Ferroelectric­Ferromagnetic  Materials Ba0,999Ce0,001Ti0,9Sn0,1O3– La0,75Sr0,25MnO3 / L.A. Bashkirov [et al.] // Inorganic Materials. – 2002. – Vol. 38, No. 4.
  • Perspectives  of Application  of Metal Oxides, Possessing   Phase Transition Metal­Semiconductor for Development of Chemical Sensors of Gases / L.A. Bashkirov [et al.] // Sensor. – 2003. – No. 2.
  • Bashkirov, L.A. On  the Possibility of Creation of Solar Cell on  the Basis  of  Metal  Oxides  Intended  for  Hydrogen  Preparation  from Water  / L.A. Bashkirov  // Actual Problems of Solid State Physics: Proceedings of  International Scientifc Conference, October 26­28, 2005. – Minsk, 2005. – Vol. 1.