Maryna Mistseika

Mistseika Maryna



Department of Economics and Marketing

Contact details

 8 (017) 327 70 66

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 241-4

Research interests:

1. Formation of control mechanism for universities' foreign economic activities based on marketing tools;

2. Improving the activities of enterprises based on marketing tools;

3. Using Seo tools and smm marketing in the activities of companies


Macroeconomics, Marketing, Marketing research, Distribution of goods

List of publications​: 

1. Mechanism of the logistics cluster formation in the regions of Belarus / Shishlo S, Usevich V, Androsik Y., Misteiko M // New Economy. - 2015. - No. 1 (65). - P. 68-74.

2. Quasi-integration structures in the economy: concept, characteristics, types. S. Shishlo, V. Usevich, Y. Androsik, M. Misteiko // New Economy. - 2015. - P. 116-122.

3. Formation Mechanism of Logistics Cluster in Belarus / M. Szymanek S. Baranowski , E. Busko, S. Shishlo, W. Usevich, J. Androsik, M. Mistseiko, W. Tanaś // Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia, 2015. – №7. – Р. 12–20.

4. «Creation rules of logistics clusters in industrial and agricultural production» / Stanisław BARANOWSKI, Eugene BUSKO, Sergiej SHISHLO, Wiktorja USEVICH, Jurij ANDROSIK, Marina MISTSEIKO, Wojciech TANAŚ, Mariusz SZYMANEK // Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering. 2016, Vol. 61(2).

5. Marketing and infrastructure as the basic elements of the tourist industry development of the Republic of Belarus / Misteiko M. // Proceedings of BSTU. - 2015. - No. 7: Economics and Management.