Mikalai Yakimau


Yakimau Mikalai

Associate Professor of


Forest Plantations and Soil Science

Contact details

 +37529 3853473


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 315-1

Research interests:

improvement technology of forest regeneration


reforestation and protective afforestation

List of publications​: 

  • Yakimov N.I., Gvozdev, V. K., Prahodsky A. N. Forest plantations and protective afforestation: proc. a manual for students of specialties "Forestry" – Minsk: BSTU, 2007.

  • Yakimov N.I., Gvozdev V. K. Technology of forest regeneration: proc. a textbook for students of specialised secondary schools in the specialty "Forestry". – Minsk: RIPO, 2015.

  • Yakimov N.I., Gvozdev V. K. The effect of different processing methods on the growth of cultures of Norway spruce in the reconstruction of low-value young stands // forest science and forestry. Edition 73. – Gomel: Institute of forest of NAS of Belarus.- 2013.

  • Yakimov N.I., Kruk N.K, Domasevich A. A. Agricultural cultivation of seedlings of deciduous species for reforestation. // Trudy BGTU, 2014 No. 1: Forestry.

  • Yakimov N. I., Kruk N.K.,Urenya A.V. Technological process of growing the seedlings to narrow and combined schools in forest nurseries// forest science and forestry. Edition 75. – Gomel: Institute of forest of NAS of Belarus. – 2015.

  • Yakimov N.I., Kruk N.K.,Urenya A.V. Influence of seeding rate on output standardized pine seedlings when grown in greenhouses // Trudy BGTU, 2016.No. 1: Forestry.