Nadezhda Trusevich


Trusevich Nadezhda

Assistant Professor


Department of Printing Production

Contact details

 8 (017) 327 26 88

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 203a-4

Research interests:

Production organization and management of the printing industry enterprises, modeling of reliability of technological transactions and technological effectiveness of printed products.


"Marketing in publishing", "Technology of printing processes", "Designing of engineering procedures of printing production", "Designing of production of packaging and container", "Designing of packaging and packing divisions of the entities".

List of publications​: 

  • Nichiporovich S.A., Kulak M. I., Trusevich N. E. Organizacionnoe upravlenie v poligraficheskoj promyshlennosti [Organizational management in the printing industry]. Smolensk, Rusich Publ., 2004. 336 p.
  • Trusevich N. E. Technology of management of a publishing and printing complex in the conditions of steady functioning of economy. In the book: Nichiporovich S. A., Kulak M. I., Neverov A. V. Upravlenie izdatel'sko-poligraficheskim kompleksom: organizacionno-jekonomicheskie aspekty [Management of a publishing and printing complex: organizational and economic aspects]. Moscow, Finansy and statistika Publ., 2003, Chapter 5, pp. 225–247 (in Russian).
  • Trusevich N. E. Optimization of organizational planning in management structures of printing production. In the book: Kulak M. I., Nichiporovich S. A., Medyak D. M. Metody teorii fraktalov v tekhnologicheskoy mekhanike i protsessakh upravleniya: poligraficheskie materialy i protsessy [Methods of the theory of fractals in technological mechanics and management processes: printing materials and processes]. Minsk, Belorusskaya nauka Publ., 2007, Chapter 11, pp. 378–404 (in Russian).
  • Kulak M. I., Trusevich N. E. Functioning of linear management structures in the conditions of the intra personal organizational conflicts. Jekonomika i upravlenie [Economy and management], 2010, no. 1, pp. 42–49 (in Russian).
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