Rostislav Popov

Rostislav Popov

Senior Lecturer, PhD


Glass and Ceramics Technology Department

Contact details

 +375 29 761 87 60, 8 (017) 327 43 08,

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 313-2

Research interests:

Ceramic materials technical (heat-resistant, wear-resistant, shock-resistant and refractory) and building purpose.


Technology of refractory and composite materials (lectures, laboratory lessons).

Technology of fine and technical ceramics (practical lessons).

Crystallography, mineralogy and petrography (laboratory lessons).

Сhemical technology of ceramic  (laboratory lessons).

Technology of building ceramics .

List of publications​: 

  • Pishch I.V., Biryuk V.A., Klimosh Y.A., Popov R.Y.,Shidlovskii A.V. Properties of Ceramic Wall Materials with Different Burnable Components  // Glass and Ceramics. 2015. Volume 72, № 1. Р. 57–60.
  • Sergievich O.A., Dyatlova E.M., Popov R., Sobachevskii A.S. Thermal and deformative characteristics of kaolin raw deposits of the republic of Belarus // Engineering structures and technologies, Taylor & Francis, 2015.  № 7(2).  Р. 93–98.
  • Podbolotov K.B., Dyatlova E.M., Popov R.Yu. Ceramic refractory shs-coatings based on the system Al-SiO2 // Refractories and Industrial Ceramics. 2014. Volume 54, № 5. Р. 401–406.
  • Sergievich O.A., Dyatlova E.M., Malinovski G.N., Barantseva S.E., Popov R.Yu. A study on the kaolin deposits of belarus with a purpose for their use for the manufacture of ceramic tiles of various functions // Proceedings of BSTU.  Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances, 2013.  № 3.  Р. 97-100
  • Sergievich O.A., Dyatlova E.M., Malinovskii G.N., Barantseva S.E., Popov R.Yu. Particulars of the chemical mineralogical composition and properties of kaolins from Belorussian deposits // Glass and Ceramics. 2012. Volume 69, № 3. Р. 94–98.
  • Tereshchenko I.M., Popov R.Yu., Kravchuk A.P., Ivashkevich L.S. Use of unconventional initial materials to obtain heat-proof ceramic // Glass and Ceramics. 2009. Volume 66, № 3. Р. 129–131.
  • Tereshchenko I.M.,Kuzina E.A., Popov R.Yu. Development of compositions and production technology for electrovacuum tinted glass // Glass and Ceramics. 2005. Volume 62, № 5, Р. 171–173.