Ryhor Alifiravets

Alifiravets Ryhor



Woodworking machines and tools

Contact details

 +375 29 537 15 05, 8 (017) 327 43 25


 Sverdlova St. 19a, 12-5

Research interests:

Development of rational modes of operation milling machines equipped with Brussa managewise end-conical cutters. Improvement of wear re sistance of woodworking tools


Repair and maintenance of woodworking machinery

List of publications​: 

1. A study of bluntness double-edged cutting tool milling machines Brualdi and its impact to the tangent cutting force / Grinevich, S. Rapowez V., Alifiravets G. // Proceedings of BSTU, No. 2 Forest and woodworking industry Minsk 2015 – P. 258-262

2.Loss effect sposobnosti cutting knives milling Brussa machines to the tangent cutting force / Grinevich, S., Rapowez V.,Alifiravets G.  / woodworking: technologies, equipment,management of XXI century: proceedings of the X Intern. Eurasian SymposiuEkaterinburg, 2015. – P. 147

3. The nature of the wear of the knives milling Brussa machine /Grinevich, S., Alifiravets G. woodworking: technologies, equipments, management of the XXI century: proceedings of the IX Intern. Eurasian Symposium, Ekaterinburg, 2014. – P. 253