Uladzimir Kauhanka

Uladzimir M. Kauhanka

PhD, Associate Professor


Department of Physical, Colloid and Analytical Chemistry

Contact details

 +375 (17) 327-30-24


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 457-4

Research interests:

Synthesis of new analytical reagents, organic materials for the modern analytical equipment and electronic engineering.

Synthesis of new fluorine-containing heterocyclic compounds.


Analytical chemistry.

Analytical chemistry and physico-chemical methods of analysis.

Physico-chemical methods of analysis.

General and analytical chemistry.

List of publications​: 

  1. Kauhanka U.M., Kauhanka М.M.Synthesis of new liquid crystalline isoxazole-, pyrazole- and 2-isoxazoline-containing compounds. // Liquid Crystals.2006. Vol. 33. №1. P.121-127.
  2. Kauhanka U.M., Kauhanka М.M. New metallomesogens with enaminoketonato ligands. // Liquid Crystals. 2006. Vol. 33. №2. P.213-218.