Uladzimir Kotsan

Kotsan Vladimir

Assistant of the Department


Department of Forest Management

Contact details

  8 (017) 226 08 43


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 314-1

Research interests:

forest management and forest inventory;

remote sensingtechnologies of forests;

global positioning systems;

geoinformation technologies and their use in forestry.


Engineering geodesy;

Forest inventory;

Technology of production of forest planning and cartographic materials;

Fundamentals of tourist service;

Water resources and tourism; 

Technology and organization of ecological and hunting tourism;

Ecology with the basics of energy conservation.

List of publications​: 

  • Kotsan V.V. Classification of trees based on the spatial structure during their assignment in the thinning operations. V.V.Kotsan. Proceedings of BSTU. - Minsk, 2015. - № 1: Forest management. - P.24-27.
  • Kotsan V.V. Study of the horizontal structure impact of cenosis on inventory indices by means of  GIS. V.V.Kotsan.Environment display: theory, practice, education: proceedings of the III international scientific-practical Conference of Young Scientists, Moscow, 12-13th of March, 2014, Information Publishing Educational and Scientific Center "Strategy for the Future"; the Editorial Board:. A.V.Vorontsov (Senior Editor). [et al.]. - Moscow, 2014. - P. 55-57.
  • Kotsan V.V. Visual and graphical method of classification Scots pine trees at the current growth. V.V.Kotsan. Fundamental and applied research in the modern world: materials  of the V International scientific-practical conference, St. Petersburg, 17-19thof April, 2014 Moscow State Pedagogical University; the Editorial Board:. E.A.Furaev (Senior Editor). [et al.]. - St. Petersburg, 2014. - P. 113-117.
  • Kotsan V.V. Geographic Information System of mapping forest stands on permanent sample plots. Collection of scientific students works of the Republic of Belarus "NIRS 2010". - Minsk, 2011. - P. 57-61.