Vadim Gorzhanov


Gorzhanov Vadim V.

Senior Lecturer


Department of Physical-Chemical Methods of Products Certification

Contact details

 +375 29 1928420

Sverdlova 13а, cab. 213a-3a

Research interests:

Improving the quality of paper and cardboard, wood-based panels and plastics. Development of quality control methods of print paper.


"Mechanical and thermal methods and control devices", "Electro methods and control devices", "Conformity assessment of industrial products", "The scientific and technical expertise and normative control".

List of publications​: 

  • Gorzhanov, VV Physico-chemical studies of interactions of components in a combined composition for the surface sizing of offset paper / VV Gorzhanov, RJ Melnikova, TV Solovyov // Materials. Technologies. Instruments. T.16, №4. - C. - 83-88.
  • Gorzhanov, VV The use of enzymes for the modification of starch and its use in the manufacture of chipboard and paper / IM Groshev, EV Dubodelova, VV Gorzhanov // Achievements and prospects of development of biotechnology: mes. rep. International Scientific Conference, October 3-5, 2012., Saransk. - Saransk: Publishing House of the Mordovia State. Zap them. NP Ogarev, 2012. - S. 155.
  • Printing paper with surface sizing: US Pat. RB 13946, IPC D 21 H 17/00 / Gorzhanov VV, VI Temruk, TV Solovyov, ETC. Shkirando, VA Shelengovskaya; applicant UE "Paper mill" of Goznak. - № a 20081383; appl. 03.11.2008; publ. 21.02.2010 // Official Gazette / Nat. Intellectual Property Center. - 2010. - № 6. - S. 96.