Vasili Ihnatsenka

Vasili Ihnatsenka

Associate Professor, PhD in Physico-mathematical sciences


Department of Higher Mathematics

Contact details

 (8-017) 327-10-20

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 204-4

Research interests: 

Qualitative theory of control and observations of complex dynamical systems, control problems for linear of systems with lag using dynamic regulators; Study descriptor handling systems; mathematical modeling in the timber industry; effective forms of learning in mathematics.


Higher Mathematics.

List of publications​: 

  • Ihnatenko V.V. Controllability of linear singular Systems / V.V. Ignatenko, V.V.Krakhotko // 3rd Colioquym On The Qulitative Theory of Differential Equations, August 22-26. – Bolye Institute, Seqed, Hungary, 1988
  • Ihnatenko V.V. Modelling and optimization of harvesting processes: Tutorial / V.V. Ignatenko, I.V. Turlaev, A.S. Fedorenchik. - Minsk: Belarusian State Technological University, 2004.
  • Ignatenko V.V. Higher Mathematics. Mathematical methods and models in computer calculations. Laboratory workshop / V.V. Ignatenko, O.N. Pyzhkova, L.D. Yarotskaya // Minsk: Belarusian State Technological University, 2006.
  • Ihnatsenko V.V. Higher Mathematics. In two parts. Part 1: methodical textbook for students of technical specialties. /Marchenko V.M. ed. – Minsk, BSTU Publ., 2010. 337 p.
  • Higher Mathematics. In two parts. Part 2: methodical textbook for students of technical specialties. / Marchenko V.M., Asmykovich I.K., Borkovskaya I.M., Bochilo N.V., Gorbatovich Z.N., Ihnatsenko V.V., Lovenetskaya E.I., Pyzhkova O.N., Solov’eva I.F., Yakimenko A.A., Yanovich V.I., Yarotskaya L.D.; Marchenko V.M. ed. – Minsk, BSTU Publ., 2014. 337 p.
  • Ignatenko V.V. Justification of the structure and composition of road cement mixture based on a mathematical model / Lyschik P.A., Ignatenko V.V., Bavbel E.I., Naumenko A.I.// [Trudy BGTU], 2015, Ser.II:  Forestry and wood industry, pp. 39-43 (In Russian). 
  • Ignatenko V.V. Controllability of linear systems using differential-algebraic regulators / Ignatenko V.V., Krahotko V.V., Razmyslovich G.P. // Proceedings of the International Congress on Computer Science: Information Systems and Technologies (CSIST'2016). October 24-27, 2016. BSU,Minsk, Belarus. pp.957-959.
  • Ignatenko V.V. Guided independent work of students in higher mathematics depending on the specialty/  V.V. Ignatenko // [Trudy BGTU], 2016, Ser.VIII: Educational and methodical work, pp. 144-146 (In Russian).
  • Leonov E.A. The Mathematical Model of Chipper Work Given its Technical Failures / E. Leonov, V. Ignatenko, D.V. Klokov. // [Trudy BGTU], 2016, Ser.II(184): Automotive industry, pp. 40-44 (In Russian).