Vyacheslav Rapovets

Rapovers Vyacheslav

Associate Professor of


Department of woodworking machine and tools

Contact details

 8 (017) 327 43 25


 Sverdlova St. 19a, 25-5

Research interests:

Resource-saving technologies, equipment and cutting tools for wood processing, simulation of high-speed processing of cutting materials


 Design and manufacture of wood-cutting tools;  Maintenance and repair of woodworking equipment


List of publications​: 

V.Rapovets. Integrated wood processing with a spiral arrangement  double-blade knives. Proceedings BSTU. Ser. II.Forestry and
Woodworking. - .XVIII, 2010. - P. 246-251.

V.Rapovets, S.Grinevich. Calculation of feeders woodworking machines. - Mn .: BSTU, 2014 – 74 p.

V.Rapovets. Design and production of woodworking tools. - Mn .: BSTU, 2015 – 70 p.

V Rapovets, S.Grinevich, N.Burnosov. Designs and calculation chipper canters machines. - Mn .: BSTU, 2015 – 80 p.

V.Rapovets, S.Medvedev, G.Ivanec. Simulation of high-speed machining  wood milling in the soft LS-DYNA / Woodworking: technologies,equipment, management of the XXI century: Proceedings of the XI Intern. Eurasia. Sympos. / Ural. state. Forestry Engineering. Univ. - Yekaterinburg,Russia, 2016. - P. 231-236.