Yury Klimosh

Klimosh Yury

Dean / Associate Professor, PhD


Chemical Technology and Engineering Faculty / Department of Glass and Ceramics Technology

Contact details

 +375 29 754 51 81, 8 (017) 327 58 38


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 411-2

Research interests:

Study of mineral sources of raw materials with the aim to use it for ceramic materials production.

Study the rheological properties of ceramic suspensions.

Improving performance properties of ceramic wall materials.


Chemical technology of ceramics and refractory;

Technology and equipment for the production of ceramic products;


Mineralogy and petrography.

List of publications​: 

  • Раuliukevich Y. G., Kizinievičb O., Klimash Yu. A., Hundzilovich M. M., Girskasb G. Porous permeable high-alumina ceramic materials for macro- and microfiltration // Engineering structures and technologies.– 2015.– №7(3).– Р. 146–150.
  • Pishch I.V., Biryuk V.A., Klimosh Y.A., Popov R.Y., Shidlovskii A.V. Properties of Ceramic Wall Materials with Different Burnable Components  // Glass and Ceramics. 2015. Volume 72, № 1. Р. 57–60.
  • Pishch I.V., Кlimosh Yu.А., Gabalov Е.V.  The influence of water-reducing admixture on rheological properties of ceramic slips // Proceedings of BSTU.  Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances, 2013.  № 3. Р. 101-104.
  • Pishch I.V., Maslennikova G.N., Gvozdeva N.A., Klimosh Yu.A., Baranovskaya E.I. Methods of dyeing ceramic brick // Glass and Ceramics. 2007. Volume 64, № 7. P. 270–273.
  • Klimosh Yu.A., Levitskij I.A. Rheological properties of slips based on polymineral clays with electrolyte additives // Steklo i Keramika. 2004, Volume 61, № 11. P. 375–378