Belarusian State College of Building Materials Industry

Address: 21-2 Gurskogo str.,

220089 Minsk

Tel./fax: +375 17 372-66-44



In 1944, Belarusian Industrial College of Building Materials was founded on the basis of the first brick factory in Minsk. The training was carried out in three programs: technology of silicates, mechanical equipment of building materials factories, and electrical installations of building materials factories. In 1948 the first College students, 46 in number, successfully graduated from it.

In 1950, a new program of geology and exploration of mineral deposits was introduced. In 1951 the foundation of Soligorsk Potash Plant and the associated need in specialists inspired the following new programs: Development of Ore and Placer Deposits, Heat engineering of building materials industry.

In 2010, the College was renamed into Belarusian State College of Building Materials Industry and, in 2013 it was affiliated to Belarusian State Technological University.

The affiliated college is proud of its graduates. Over its 71-year history Belarusian State College of Building Materials Industry has trained over 20,000 specialists. In different years, lots of its graduates directed the activities of different national departments, organizations, and enterprises. Among them are T. G. Golubeva, Deputy Minister of Architecture and Construction of Belarus, I. Yu. Vasilyev, General Director of OJSC "Minsk Plant of Silicate Products", Deputy Chairman of the Minsk city Executive Committee. Currently O. S. Mishchenko directs JSC "Radoshkovichi Ceramic Factory", S. I. Komarovsky directs JSC "Minsk Railway Car Repair Works".

Today the affiliated college contains three departments: Mechanics and Building, Economics and Technology, and Extramural Studies. More than 700 people are trained for five vocational programs. The training of young specialists is carried out by teachers of seven college boards: natural sciences and mathematics; social sciences and humanities; technological and heat engineering courses; building engineering courses; mechanical courses; electrical engineering courses and economic courses.

The teaching staff of the college stick to its best traditions of teaching and education. The teachers motivate professional, creative, and intellectual development of students. About 70% of teachers have the highest qualification grades. The highly qualified and experienced teachers aim at training highly competent professionals.

Academic and educational work embraces the study, analysis, development and implementation of best teaching practices, information technology, new teaching methods. Round table events, scientific conferences, pedagogical seminars and symposia are held under the college.

On-the job training of students is carried out at national enterprises of building materials industry and construction sector. The college maintains partnerships with 26 organizations that provide employment to college graduates. 

The partner enterprises of Belarusian State College of the Building Materials Industry are JSC "Minsk Plant of Silicate Products", OJSC "Minsk Plant of Building Materials", OJSC "Keramin", JSC "Minsk Integrated House-Building Factory"; JSC "Mapid", JSC "BelGIPS", OJSC "Krasnoselsk Building Materials", JSC "Belarusian Cement Plant", JSC "Beryoza Building Materials". These enterprises provide the college graduates excellent career opportunities.

Material and technical facilities of the affiliated college meet modern standards of the educational process and high-quality training. Training is carried out in 27 classrooms, 8 laboratories (electrical engineering, power and electric drive, chemical analysis, analytical and inorganic chemistry; physical and colloid chemistry; building materials; installation, set-up and operation of automation and metering equipment; automatics and automation of manufacturing processes; technical analysis and quality control; electrical measurements, electronics, electrical engineering, and automatic control), 2 locksmith and mechanical training workshops. Training and specialized software is applied in the educational process. Students work in 2 computer classrooms equipped with 52 modern personal computers and multimedia facilities where they get familiar with Fundamentals of Informatics and Information Technology.

The library includes service department, book depository, two reading rooms.  The library stock numbers more than 66,500 copies of educational, methodical and reference literature. The College students can use traditional and electronic catalogues of library, journal articles and other sources.

This affiliated college possesses a comfortable dormitory for 590 beds where students can take advantage of such facilities as a drawing room, a video room, a reading room, a gym, a tennis court and a hobby club “Hostess”. The teaching staff do their best to contribute to the personal growth of students including their harmonious development, abilities, interests and hobbies.

Two college students were awarded first- and second-degree diplomas of the 66th scientific and technical conference held under BSTU (session "First Step into Science"). Students of “Ceramics” study club are regular participants and prize winners of national competition of arts and crafts for vocational students and teachers "Belarusian Wreath".

Much attention is paid to healthy lifestyle and sports education of college students. The college runs 5 sports clubs, regular competitions in football, volleyball, table tennis and basketball, athletics. In 2015, the college teams were winners in ski racing and cross running among vocational schools of Moskovsky district of Minsk. In September 2015, the college team was awarded second-degree diploma in a ringo tournament within the national festival "The Week of Sport and Health".




Career choices

Manufacture of Building Products and Structures

Production of concrete and reinforced concrete structures

Process technician

Steel fixer

Laboratory technician for building materials and products industry

Preparatory process operator Molder of products and structures


Technology of Silicate and Refractory Nonmetallic Materials and Products

Technology of ceramics

Technology of glass and glass ceramics

Technology of binders


Process technician

Production line operator (ceramics)

Mixture maker

Presser of building ceramics products

Machines and Apparatus for Chemical Production and Building Materials Enterprises


Maintenance and service of machinery for building materials enterprises

Mechanical technician

Maintenance technician


Automation of Technological Processes and Production

Automation of technological processes of  building materials production

Electromechanical technician

Service technician of testing instruments and automatic controls

Electromechanician for automatic controls and process apparatus

Service and maintenance electrician

Production line operator (ceramics)


Economics and Production Organization

Economics and production organization (building materials industry)

Economic Technician