Gomel State Polytechnic College

Address: 6 Biletskogo str., 246050 Gomel

Tel./fax: +375 23 272-35-72

E-mail: uoggpk@gmail.com

web: www.gomel.belstu.by


Forestry engineering technical school was founded in Gomel in 1946 to meet the needs for highly-qualified professionals to be employed by the fast-growing timber industry sector. It was reorganized into a polytechnic school in 1960 due to its intensive development and expansion.

 In 2007, it was renamed into Gomel State Technical College; in 2013 it joined Belarusian State Technological University being one of the five affiliated colleges.

Since the foundation of the college its teaching staff have trained a lot of professionals who achieved considerable success in various careers, including industry and science. Among them are A.T. Skoibeda, D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor of Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy; V.I. Vrublevskaya, Professor of Belarusian State University of Transport, D.Sc. (Engineering). Yu.A. Bruyevich, Assistant Professor of the Department of Sawmilling, BSTU; A.I. Malofeyev, director of the Gomel Forestry Administration; I.M. Plotnitsky, Director  of Mikashevichi Forestry Production Association; V.A. Salkov, Deputy General Design Engineer, “Gomselmash” plant; V.A. Krivko-Krasko, Chairman of the Gomel Regional Committee of the Trade Unions of forest workers.

Today the college is an educational complex well equipped with modern material and technical facilities, which trains highly qualified specialists for wood processing industry, electroinsulating and cable manufacture, forestry and timber industries and economy.  More than 580 students study at 4 departments, in nine programs of vocational education. Both full-time and part-time attendance is available to them.

At present, the affiliated college comprises 9 college boards: forest and forestry sciences; machines and mechanisms for forestry and timber industry; woodworking technology; woodworking machines and tools; economic courses; electrical engineering courses; social sciences and humanities; professional disciplines; natural sciences and mathematics; information technology; philological courses; physical training and health; methodical association of tutors. Their activities focus on the preparation of training curricula, their introduction into the teaching process, didactic and methodological support of all academic disciplines of vocational and professional modules.

69 college teachers are engaged in the teaching process together with 12 teachers who are members of college directorate and 10 teachers of further education. Over 63% of teachers possess the highest qualification grades, 12% of them are young teaching professionals.

Traditionally, experienced teachers share their best practices with their young colleagues, i.e. they host open classes and social events, deliver specialized reports at the college council meetings, as well as at the meetings of college boards and teachers council, take part in conferences and seminars. The School of Young Teacher enjoys great popularity among the college teaching staff members where young teachers can analyze, summarize and debate positive experience and professional teaching skills, engage in professional development and social life.

The college has created favourable environment for effective practical training. It also collaborates successfully with organizations of Gomel and Gomel region such as “Gomeldrev”, JSC “Rechitsadrev”, Gomel State Production Forestry Association. Their up-to-date material facilities and premises make it possible to involve the college students in the on-the-job training. Students can easily get adapted to the working environment, develop their creative thinking, artistic taste, creative and professional skills. The students are annually invited to participate in the “Best in Profession” contest held at training workshops of the college.

The graduates of the affiliated college are in demand on the labor market. The college directorate regularly get positive feedback from employers of college graduates for their being highly professional and competent. The graduates get their first job at such national leading enterprises as JSC “Gomel furniture factory”, “Progress”, JSC “Gomel Foundry Plant”, JSC “Belaruskabel”, JSC “Svetlogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill”, OJSC “Gomelkabel”, JSC “Zhlobinmebel”, LLC “Furniture Factory K.V.P.”

The material and technical facilities of the college is constantly being modernized and upgraded. Theoretical, practical and laboratory classes are conducted in 30 classrooms and 14 laboratories (automation and industrial automation, industrial electronics, automation and microprocessor equipment; electric drive; materials science, materials technology; electrical measurements; automation of the electroinsulating and cable production; automobile and tractor construction; mechanization of forestry; wood science). Vocational training is organized in two training workshops. In order to prepare skilled workers the equipment of the training workshops is constantly upgraded. In 2014-2015 they were equipped with a thickness planer, a drilling and milling machine and a CNC machine.

The computer classrooms are equipped with 150 modern personal computers, 7 laptops and an interactive whiteboard. Information support of the teaching process is provided by educational and professional software, databanks of teaching and learning resources, tutorials and tests for extramural college students.

The library of the affiliated college provides personal computers with Internet access as well as such specialized librarian software as “Electronic library” and “Bibliographer”. 

is equipped with personal computers connected to the Internet, it is equipped with an “electronic library”, an electronic complex “Bibliographer”. The book fund of the library amounts more than 63,700 volumes, including over 50,200 textbooks, manuals and reference literature.

The affiliated college houses a dormitory for 400 beds with all conditions for living, relaxation and self-study. In the dormitory there is a gym, an assembly hall, a drawing room, a study room.
The pedagogical work in the college is aimed at training not only a competent expert, but a harmonious personality striving for professional growth, development and self-improvement.

More than 260 students take an active part in the amateur art groups and clubs of arts and crafts. They also participate in regional and national contests of arts and crafts for vocational students and teachers “New Year Fairy Show” where they are awarded honorable diplomas.

The students of the affiliated college are winners of the 14th National Forum of inventors and innovators for vocational students and teachers and the 1st national competition of pop art “Talent Show”.

Environmental education is an indispensable part of college activities. The Gomel forestry enterprise is a long-term partner of the college in arranging such flashmobs and events as Clean Forest”, “Clean Lake Shores”, “Save our park for future generations”. The students are members of the volunteer group “Danko” patronizing the veterans of war and labor.

The sports complex comprises gyms, a room for physical therapy and sports medicine, 5 sports clubs. Student teams in football and basketball are the winners of district and regional competitions.




Career choices


Woodworking Technology









Electrical Installations and their Maintenance





Equipment and technology of electroinsulating and cable production




Machines and mechanisms for Forestry and timber industry



Woodworking machines and tools















Economics and Production Organization


Technology of furniture manufacture








Maintenance of electrical installations and of power supply systems at industrial enterprises









Maintenance and service of machinery, mechanisms and agricultural machines



Maintenance of woodworking machines and tools







Taxes and taxation







Economics and law of entrepreneurship


Process technician







Forestry Technician



Electrical Technician






Process technician







Mechanical Technician





Mechanical Technician












Marketing Economist



Economic Technician

Woodworking machine operator
Inspector for woodworking production





Maintenance electrician





Operator of wiring and cable testing
Twister operator
Plastic cablemaking operator


Maintenance technician





Woodworking machine operator
Maintenance technician

Maintenance technician for woodworking machinery