Polotsk State Forestry College

Address: 77 E. Polotskoy str.,

211407 Polotsk

Tel./fax:+375 21 442-32-65

e-mail: pglt@tut.by

web: www.pglk.belstu.by

Polotsk State Forestry College, an affiliated college under Belarusian State Technological University, is located at the heart of the city of ancient Polotsk which is a spiritual and sacred centre of Belarus. The college is situated next to the Saint Euphrosyne Convent, a historical and cultural monument of the 12th century.

 Forestry College is one of the oldest vocational schools in the Republic of Belarus. It was established in 1921. The college campus houses a tree nursery, a dendropark and a number of training workshops. In 2009 the vocational school was renamed into Polotsk State Forestry College and in 2013 it was reorganized into an affiliated college of Belarusian State Technological University.

Among the graduates of the college are Demyanik L.Yu. (Deputy Minister of Forestry), Plytkevich S.M. (chief editor of “Tourism and Recreation” newspaper, director of “Riftur” Publishing House), Zorin V.P. (Minister of Forestry of Belarus in 1994-2001), Vorovon I.E. (Minister of Forestry of RSFSR in 1965-1968), Valentik I.Ya. (Minister of Forestry of  Karelo-Finsky SSR in 1947-1953), Kartel N.A. (a genetic scientist, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Biology, professor, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus).

The work of teaching staff aims at training qualified specialists who are ready to face up the modern challenges of the industry and are inspired by their love for nature, forest and profession.

In 2015 the College received more than 200 employemnt applications from forestry enterprises. Annually the college graduates get their first job assignment at the organizations of Brest State Production Forestry Association, Vitebsk SPFA, Gomel SPFA, Grodno SPFA, Minsk SPFA, Mogilev SPFA, RUE “Belgosles”, RSUE “Vitebsklesproekt”, Braslav Lakes National Park, Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve.

The educational process in Polotsk State Forestry College is based on the up-to-date educational standards, curricula and syllabi. The college offers three vocational programs: forestry, hunting management and landscape architecture where students are provided solid theoretical background combined with extensive practical training.

30 college teachers are engaged in the teaching process together with 9 teachers who are members of college directorate, 6 teachers of further education and 3 masters of vocational training.

The college comprises three departments. There are 415 full-time and extramural students. The Department of Retraining and Professional Development is attended by 18 students. The departments incorporate a number of specialized college boards that provide academic and methodical guidance on the following range of courses: general and economic courses, forest plantations and landscape architecture; forest engineering.

The methodical centre of the college coordinates its educational, scientific and research activities. The main task of the teaching staff is to improve their pedagogical skills and professional competence. To achieve this, the methodical centre has developed a system of lifelong professional development for pedagogical staff. The system perfectly combines traditional and innovative techniques, i.e. training courses, participation in national and city’s methodology-focused events (conferences, seminars, methodological associations), industrial internships and traineeships.

The college students are actively involved in research work. One college student was awarded first-degree diploma of the 66th scientific and technical conference held under BSTU (session "First Step into Science"). 

College students can get hands-on professional experience at the premises of forestry experimental station under the college. The experimental station provides excellent opportunities for acquiring in-depth knowledge, getting familiar with main forestry-related technologies and processes, gaining basic professional experience and developing critical thinking relevant to their future career choices. The practical training is supervised and guided by experienced teaching and forestry professionals who share their best practices of using such up-to-date equipment and machines as GPRS navigation, electronic caliper and modern logging machinery.

Material and technical facilities ensure high-quality professional training. There are 11 classrooms, 10 laboratories (forest growing; botany and plant physiology; flower growing; decorative dendrology; phytodesign; forestry mechanization; forest utilization; forest mensuration and inventory; soil science and agriculture; agrochemistry and forest protection; biology of forest animals and birds; hunting management) and a training workshop. The affiliated college also has a library, a reading room, two sports grounds, an assembly hall, a canteen, a cafeteria, three computer classrooms equipped with 46 modern computers and 6 laptops. The college students are accommodated in two dormitories for 240 students. The dormitories provide all necessary facilities for study and rest, i.e. recreation rooms, study rooms, guest rooms, first-aid station.

The college library offers the students and teachers an authors’ catalogue, an electronic catalogue (ALIS library software), catalogues of periodicals and thematic catalogues. Besides, there is a collection of reference literature. The library stock numbers 42,194 volumes of educational, teaching and professional literature. The reading room has 6 computers, 2 printers, a scanner, Wi-Fi access. Students have the opportunity to use electronic textbooks, tutorials and lecture resources.

Apart from active involvement in professional training, the college students are always eager to contribute to the social life of both college and the city of Polotsk.

In 2014 Polotsk State Forestry College was ranked first among vocational schools for the excellence in ideological activities within Polotsk and Polotsk District review contest. The college newspaper “Gazette of Forestry College” is published every month as a part of information support of the college community. The affiliated college maintains a regularly updated website providing comprehensive information about its activities and ensuring smooth communication flow in the college community.

Annual sport events are held and enjoyed by both college teachers and students who actively participate in Olympics, sport contests and sport clubs. The college students take part in district and regional competitions.



Career choices



Forestry technician

Tree Feller of skill category 6,

forester of skill category 4

Landscape architecture


Landscape architecture technician

Flower gardener of skill category 4

Hunting management

Game keeper

Game breeder of skill category 5