The educational institution "Belarusian State Technological University" (hereinafter – BSTU) is training specialists at full time (daytime) and part-time higher education in 31 specialties of the I stage, providing qualification of a specialist with higher education and 37 specialties of the II stage, in order to obtain master's degree (including 32 specialties, forming knowledge, abilities and skills for scientific-pedagogical and scientific-research work and 5 specialties for advanced specialist training), and training highly qualified scientific personnel at postgraduate and doctoral courses in 35 specialties. There are 18 scientific-pedagogical schools and 5 Dissertation Advisory Committees for doctoral and master's theses at BSTU.

Training specialists with higher education is conducted at 8 faculties: forestry, forestry and wood technology, technology of organic substances, chemical technology and engineering, economic engineering, print technology and media communications, information technology, and the faculty of distant learning for forestry, logging, woodworking, pulp and paper-processing, electronic, microbiological, chemical, timber-chemical, machine building, petrochemical, printing industries, building materials industry, medicine, ecological tourism and natural resources, centers of standardization and certification, publishing organizations, environmental, landscape, and other sectors of economy of the Republic of Belarus. Educational process is carried out by 600 teachers at 52 departments, including 55 Doctors of Sciences, 388 PhDs, 45 professors and 245 associate professors.

To develop practical-oriented training at BSTU there are 17 branches of the departments at the leading enterprises of the national economy: JSC "Keramin", PA "Minsk tractor plant", JSC "Belshina", JSC "Belarusian cement plant", RUE "Newspaper printing plant", JSC "Minsk plant of building materials", JSC "Gomelsteklo", JSC "Svetlogorsk pulp & board plant", JSC "Borisov plastic products plant ", RUE "Belmedcine", State institution for forest protection and monitoring "Bellesozaschita", State forestry ”Stolbtsy experimental forestry“, JSC ‘Rechitsadrev’, JSC ‘FanDOK’, JSC ‘Printing plant after Y. Kolas’, JSC ‘Red star’ as well as 34 educational-scientific-production center.

Belarusian State Technological University has been carrying out the educational activity of training specialists with specialized secondary education and workers with vocational education at the branches of the University: Polotsk State Forestry College, Vitebsk State Technological College, Belarusian State College of Building Materials, Bobruisk State Forestry College, Gomel State Polytechnic College since 1 September 2013. It is implemented due to the affiliation to the University five colleges of the Republic of Belarus as separate departments  on the basis of the decision of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 30.03.2013, № 240 "Increasing efficiency of the organizations-customers, personnel and the educational establishment "Belarusian State Technological University" interaction and the reorganization of private educational institutions" and the order of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus dated 27.06.2013 №559 "About reorganization of educational institutions"