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Language Training Center of BSTU

We invite everybody to attend our language courses!


Language Training Center was created at the department of foreign languages of BSTU in 2010 with the aim of increasing the teachers and students’ level of language proficiency.

The educational process at the Center is aimed at acquiring practical communication skills for everyday and professional needs, improving the language fluency, enriching vocabulary and preparation for intercultural interaction.

We offer the following course programmes:

  • General communicative course “Modern foreign languages”  (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish);
  • Special course “A foreign language for specific purposes” (English, German);
  • Business English course, business German course;
  • Practical English grammar, practical German grammar;
  • Intensive course (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish);
  • Summer intensive communicative course of survival English for travelling (English, German, French, Spanish);
  • Express Polish course for Polish Card (Polish Charter);
  • IELTS exam preparation course.

Learning languages at Language Training Center is:

  1. Excellent customer service
  2. A unique format of classes
  3. Convenient payment system and reasonable prices
  4. A lot of free bonuses
  5. Small groups
  6. Convenient location and class schedule
  7. Comfortable classrooms
  8. Teachers’ own educational materials and projects
  9. Interesting modern approach and the latest techniques and methods
  10.  Experienced and highly-qualified teachers
  11.  A large choice of course programmes, aimed at meeting different students’ needs.

Study terms:

  1. Enrollment for the course is based on the results of a placement test or a level certificate. If a student has not studied the chosen foreign language before, enrollment takes place without a placement test.
  2. A student and Foreign Language Training Center in the name of the Rector of BSTU enter into a contract of providing an educational service. To enter a contract a student has to present his or her passport.
  3. The course fees can be paid in two stages. The amount and the terms are written in the contract, 100% pre-payment is obligatory.
  4. The first lesson is free. If a student decides to leave the course, he or she contacts the Center and the contract is terminated.
  5. If during the course it turns out that a student does not match the group level, on consulting the student, the Center sends him or her to another group of an appropriate level.
  6. If during the course the number of students decreases to 5 or less people, the Center has a right to disband the group. Students can be offered to join another group of the same level.
  7. Students should obey the Center rules: be in time for classes, not to miss classes without serious reasons. If a student misses a class, he or she has to get the information about the missed topic and study it on his or her own in order not to block the teacher and other students’ work at the next lessons.
  8. Foreign Language Training Center offers free optional English and German classes. The right of attending optional classes is limited by the terms of the contract. To attend an optional class a student has to enroll in the list for the current week.
  9. On completing the course and passing the final exam (at least 70% of the completed tasks), a student gets a Level Certificate (after minimum 2 years of study)

Training communication in a foreign language as a part of professional competence is the main task, which lies before the Center. Our teachers conduct Master Classes and use the most progressive and effective methods, typical of the communicative approach, widely used in language training:

  1. Multi-level education.
  2. Personality-orientated education
  3. Immersion in the language environment. Classes are conducted only in the target language, audio, video and the Internet recourses are used at every lesson.

The teachers regularly assess the students’ foreign language competence, which includes multiple skills testing: speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is held after the end of each module and is included in the course programme. The final assessment is held at the end of the course and corresponds a specific level.

We offer study groups of 8 to 10 people. Exactly this number of students is appropriate for achieving our goal: acquiring high-level language skills.

The groups are formed on results of a placement test and an oral interview, which test a student’s current language proficiency level. Classes are conducted in the morning and in the evening.

Our Center guarantees all its students high-quality teaching. All you need is your desire and willingness to work hard.

We do all our best to make the educational process entertaining, intensive and diverse. We want to help you learn to speak a foreign language fluently and with this ability, get everyday satisfaction from life.

Payment details:

Checking account 3632900003256 in the filial branch № 510 “Belarusbank”

MFO 153001603 PAN 100354659

Information about the course fees is available in the course list or by tel. 80297704866


Department of Intercultural Communication and Technical Translation: 33 Ulyanovskaya street, dormitory №2. Phone numbers: +37529 7704866, +37517 2261082.

Director of Language Training Center – Tatyana Kozhenets.

We are glad to work with our regular students and welcome new ones! We do our best to offer the most advantageous terms of studying.