Faculties and Departments


The University houses 10 faculties, 1 institute, 5 affiliated colleges, 47 departments, 15 R&D laboratories, research and educational centres. BSTU offers 32 graduate programs, 38 MSc programs and 35 PhD programs

Nearly 680 university academic staff and researchers support the 9,000 enrolled students. About 73% of the university academic staff hold scientific ranks and degrees. The teaching process is carried out in Russian and English.

Our graduates are granted university diploma which makes them highly competitive in the labour market of Belarus, CIS and EU countries.

At present there are ten faculties at Belarusian State Technological University:

Forestry Faculty

Faculty of Forest Engineering, Materials Science and Design.

Organic Substances Technology Faculty

Chemical Technology and Engineering Faculty

Faculty of Print Technology and Media Communications

Economic Engineering Faculty

Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Extramural Studies

Preparatory Sections

Faculty of Social Professions

Nowadays BSTU can boast over 9,000 students, 6,000 of whom are full-time students and the other 3,000 extramural, MSc and PhD students.

The University is committed to providing quality programmes benchmarked to high international standards in an intellectually rich and diverse learning environment.

At the heart of our approach is a strong supportive partnership between staff and students. Our students demand a lot of us and we of them – we aim to transform

dreams and ambitions into global opportunities for success.

Engineering challenges lie at the heart of many of the most significant problems facing society in the 21st century, from responding to climate change, through to developing sustainable energy sources and making efficient use of scarce natural resources.

At BSTU, we offer a range of exciting, rewarding and professionally accredited specialist degrees covering the major engineering disciplines. We also recognize that professional engineers often work together within multidisciplinary teams, solving problems collectively, and this underpins how we teach engineering at BSTU.

We collaborate with numerous major Belarusian and international industrial organizations, as well as smaller companies, ensuring our programmes are relevant to the industrial and commercial challenges of today, and to the needs of the future.