Department of Automation of Production Processes and Electrical Engineering

About the Department. Department of Automation of Production Process and Electrical Engineering was founded in 1966. This is a graduating department. The Head of the Department is Karpovich D.S., Candidate of Technical Sciences. The Department staff comprises 22 teachers, including 12 Candidates of Technical Sciences, 2 Candidates of Physical-Mathematical  Sciences, 1 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences and 7 post-graduates.


Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in the speciality “Automation of Technological Processes and Production” with specializations:

  • “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Machine Building and Instrument Making” ;
  • “Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Instrument making and Radio Electronics” ;
  • “Automation of Technological Processes and Production (Forest Complex)” ;
  • “Automation of Technological Processes and Production (Chemical Industry)” ;
  • “Automation of Technological Processes and Production (Light Industry)” ;
  • Automation of Technological Processes and Production (Food Industry)”
  • “Automation of Technological Processes and Production (Building Materials Industry)” ;
  • “Automation of Financial Operations” .

The graduates are qualified to work as Automation Engineers.
The Department participates in specialists’ retraining and qualification upgrade. Graduates may continue their studies at the master’s and post-graduate courses.

Academic Activities. The Department delivers courses in electrical engineering, electronics, automatics and automation of production processes, electricity production and energy consumption, automatic systems of control. Progressive training techniques including computer technologies and modern training devices are applied in teaching process.
The Electrical Engineering Olympiads are held at the Department, equipped with 13 laboratories the most important of them being:

  • electric circuits and electrical machinery lab;
  • basis of automatics lab;
  • engineering measurements of process parameters lab;
  • intelligent measuring tools lab;
  • automatic electric drive lab;
  • theoretical foundations of electrical engineering lab;
  • and assembling of automation equipment lab.

These labs are equipped with special computerized test benches, modern automation engineering machinery with packaged system of leading world producers.

Prospects for Our Graduates. Our graduated are highly demanded at such enterprises and organizations as “BELNEFTEKHIM” concern, Ministry of Industry, different enterprises of building materials industry, The National Academy of Sciences, and State Design Institutes.

Research. There are several creative groups at the Department carrying out scientific research in the following spheres: investigation of processes as control objects; introduction of devices and methods of measuring process variables programmatically; and introduction of automatic control system of operating.