Department of Chemical Technology of Binding Materials

General Information. The Department was founded in 1976 to train chemical industrial engineers. It is headed by Alexander Mechay, PhD (Engineering), Assistant Professor.

Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in the speciality “Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances, Materials and Goods”, in specializations “Chemical Technology of binders” and “Technology of Binder Based Building Materials”. The teaching staff works at the Faculty of Retraining and Qualification Up-grade and trains highly qualified specialists through Master degree and Post graduation study.

Academic Activities. The Department provides courses of lectures on 11 disciplines in heat-engineering and technological trends in the field of binder production and obtaining building materials based on binders. Students actively participate in scientific research work of the department.

Facilities. The Department has 5 educational and scientific research laboratories equipped with such up-to-date equipment as high temperature electric furnaces, mills, mixers, cooling thermostat, low temperature freezing chamber, high pressure autoclave, testing press, electronic humidity tester, analytical scattering machine with software. This equipment helps to carry out successful research work in the field of production of cement, lime, gypsum and binder based construction materials as well as dental materials and special kinds of binders.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327-62-35