Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry

General Information. The Department was founded in1962. It was headed by well-known professors, Doctors of Chemical Sciences Bardyshev I., Pechkovsky V., Novikov G., Candidate of Chemical Sciences Orekhova S. Now Head of the Department is Irina Kurilo, PhD (Chemistry), Associate Professor.

Academic Activities. The courses of lectures in Theoretical Foundations(principles) of Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry are delivered for the first year students of all specialities at Chemical Technology and Engineering Faculty, Organic Substances Technology Faculty, Faculty of Printing and Publishing and Correspondence Faculty.  The course of Chemistry of Complex Compounds is delivered for the second year students of all specialities at Organic Substances Technology Faculty and Correspondence Faculty. The department participates in the work of the Faculty of Pre-University Training delivering the course of lectures in Chemistry. The lecturers carry out retraining qualification up-grade of professional skills of specialists in many fields of industry. The department trains qualified specialists through post graduate study and master degree course. In teaching process lecturers uses up- to- date technologies with multimedia equipment. Subject contests are regularly carried out.

Facilities. The Department possesses 6 educational chemical laboratories. They are equipped with specialized apparatus glassware, chemical reagents for synthesis of inorganic substances and investigation of their composition and physicochemical properties:

  1. titrimetric determination of vanadium in various degrees of oxidation (titrator Titroline Easy, Germany);
  2. Ionometric determination of pH (titrator Titroline Easy, Germany);
  3. Photocolorimetric determination of vanadium compounds in various degrees of oxidation (photometer photoelectric КФК -3);
  4. Turbidimetric determination of sulphate ions content (photometer photoelectric КФК -3);
  5. High-temperature systhesis of inorganic materials (electric furnace SNOL 7,2/1300.Lithuania, EEC).

Contact Information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 72 50

E-mail: [email protected]