Research and Innovation

The scientific direction of the Department is defined as “Assessment of the impact of production facilities on the environment and development of technical and technological support for handling wastes of production and consumption”. Within the scientific direction of the Department, research is carried out on the physicochemical processes taking place in the solid and liquid phases of industrial wastes in order to create technologies for their processing and neutralization, development of methods for assessing the impact of production facilities on the environment.

 The Department conducts research and carries out scientific research in the following areas:

• purification of natural and waste water from suspended solids and micro-heterogeneous impurities;

• dehydration, compaction and neutralization of sewage sludge;

• adsorption and ion-exchange treatment of natural and waste water from organic impurities and heavy metals;

• research on the use of low-tonnage wastes of various compositions, development of technical conditions for products (materials) derived from waste; development of technological regulations for the use of waste

• inspection of treatment plants, and gas treatment plants and issuing recommendations on improving their performance;

• drawing up of balance schemes of water consumption and water disposal, inventory of emissions and discharges of pollutants into the environment, development of recommendations for reducing environmental payments;

• preparation of reviews and conducting patent research on cleaning, recycling, use and disposal of waste.