Department of Machines and Apparatus for Chemical and Silicate Production

General Information. The graduating Department of Machines and Apparatus for Chemical and Silicate Production was opened due to an increased demand for mechanic engineers to be employed at giant Belarusian chemical enterprises that had been being built at that time (JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant”, JSC “Grodno Azot”, RUE “Svetlogorsk Production Association Khimvolokno”, JSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno” and others). The head of the department is Vaytekhovich P.E., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor. The Department staff comprises 16 teachers, including 1 Doctor of Technical Sciences and 8 Candidates of Technical Sciences.

Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in Machines and Apparatus for Chemical and Silicate Production, specializations Machines and Apparatus for Chemical Production, Machines and Equipment for Building Materials Enterprises, Machines and Equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry. The department provides advanced training and continuing education, Master’s program and postgraduate study.

Academic Activities. The Department arranges study of thirteen disciplines which can be chosen as a basis for course projects and papers. The main topics of academic lectures are machines and equipment for chemical production; machines, equipment and technology processes for building material enterprises; calculation and design of machines and plants; systems for machines and plants computer-aided design; operation, maintenance and erection of machines and equipment; silicate production machinery manufacturers, modeling and process optimization in accordance with the curriculums. The Department staff uses innovative multimedia means and technologies during lecture delivering and laboratory works.

Facilities. The Department has four laboratories:

  • Laboratory of machines, equipment and technology processes of building materials enterprises;
  • Laboratory of mechanical equipment;
  • Laboratory of heat-/mass-exchange equipment;
  • Laboratory of troubleshooting and maintenance of processing equipment.

The laboratories use modern size reduction equipment such as a planetary ball mill Retsch PM100, a ring mill Retsch SK100;  mechanism for defining powder specific surface area ПСХ-8А, a multi-purpose dryer Retch TG200, a moisture analyzer Evlas-2m, machine for a physical analysis of matters Retch AS200. Laboratory works are carried out with acting models of industrial equipment: mills, grinders, mechanical presses, cutting machines, mass-transfer apparatus, filters and others.

Department «Machines and apparatus for chemical and silicate production»

Contact Information:

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