Department of Mechanics and Engineering

General information. The main educational and scientific activities of the department are related to the mechanics and technology of composite materials. This is a graduation department in speciality Design and Production of Articles of Composite Materials. The Head of the Department is Alexander Spiglazov, PhD (Engineering), Assistant Professor. 

Academic Activities. After graduation, graduates gain the qualifications of a Mechanics Engineer in speciality Design and Production of Articles of Composite Materials. Training of highly qualified scientists is carried out here. There are the Master's program (“Technology and the Processing of Polymers and Composites”) and the postgraduate education (“Materials Science” (chemical industry), (“Technology and the Processing of Polymers and Composites”) at the department.

The training is focused on innovation activities in the development of new materials, products design and technologies of their production, as well as the development of special jigs and fixtures. The high level of professional qualification of graduates is achieved by modern information, software, methodological and technical support of the educational process. The students have excellent possibilities to participate in research and scientific activities. Department graduates successfully work at various enterprises in our country and abroad (the USA, Germany, Italy and others.)

The main training activities are aimed at training engineers for specialty “Design and Production of Composite Materials” that includes teaching of special disciplines, all kinds of practices organization and operation, course and diploma projects management. Training on the range of technological sciences such as “Applied Mechanics”, “Material resistance”, “Mechanics of Materials and Construction” is done within specific characters of the department. Progressive training techniques including computer technologies and modern training devices, multimedia means are applied in teaching process. The students master modern software (engineering design calculations, 3D modeling of constructions, preparation of engineering and technological documents etc.).

Facilities. The Laboratories of Technology of Composite Materials and Mechanical Testing of Constructions and Materials are equipped with tools, devices, hardware and software, allowing perform the complete course of practical and laboratory studies on special disciplines, do the experimental part of term paper and diploma design, carry out scientific research on a modern level. The department has the technological equipment with modern means for results management and analysis, allowing obtain different composite materials, perform and study product formation processes on such methods as pultrusy, compression, wrapping, extrusion and so on.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 15 44