International Cooperation. Our Partners

In the field of scientific activities:

Development and introduction in practice of the following technologies and constructions:

- Separator for powder classification;

- Shock-centrifugal mill;

- Constructions of the equipment for milling and sorting of loose and polymer materials;

- Constructions of contact heat exchangers;

- Numerical simulation of the aerodynamics of the multi-cascade two-step gravitational separator;

- Numerical simulation of hydrodynamics of machines with agitators.


- JSC “Belaruskali”;

- JSC “Grodno Azot”;

- RUE “Belmedpreparaty”;

- JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant”;

- JSC “Electromodul”;

- RUE "Scientific and Practical Center”, National academy of Belarus for Food;

- Belarusian National Technical University;

- State Educational Establishment “Institute for Command Engineers” of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus;

- Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Processes, Warsaw Polytechnic;

- South Kazakhstan state University named after A. O. Auezov.