Economic Engineering Faculty

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The Date of Foundation 1997
Structure of the Faculty

7 Departments:

Student Research Clubs:

  • Student Economic Research Club "EconoMix";
  • SERC Economic Theory;
  • SERC Applied Logistics;
  • SERC  Applied Marketing;
  • SERC Modeling of Economic Processes at the Micro and Macro Level;
  • SERC Management at the Enterprises of the Chemical and Forestry Complex and Enterprises of Building Materials Industry;
  • SERC Sustainable Nature Management;
  • SERC Analytical Management of the Organization;
  • SERC Property Management.
The Number of Teaching Staff More than 120, including 9 D.Sc. and Professors, 41 (PhD) Associate Professors and Assistant Professors.
The Number of Students About 750 students, master's degree students and PhD students.
Historical Background

Economic Engineering Faculty was founded in 1997. At that time it included 4 graduating and 2 general university departments. The first dean of the faculty was Mikhail Iosifovich Baranov (1997-2010). From 2010 to 2011 the faculty was headed by Kasperovich Sergey Antonovich. Since 2011 the dean of the faculty has been Olferovich Andrej Bogdanovich. 

While improving its own teaching and research base, the departments of the faculty established and expanded international relations with foreign institutions, including the Italian Research Institute in Bari, the European Business School in Ostrow-Winkel (Germany), the Central School Nantes (France), the Gedimines Technical University in Vilnius. (Lithuania), the Belostok Technical University, the Mendeleyev Russian Chemical-Technological University, the Institute of Economics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Forestry Academy in St. Petersburg, the Institute of Ecology and Energy Conservation in Kiev, etc

Since 2012 a joint master's program of the BSTU and the Vilnius Technical University named after Gedimines has been realized on the basis of the Department "Production Organization and Real Estate Economics". Undergraduates obtain state and European diplomas on a specialty "Real Estate Management".

Graduate Programs (Majors)
  • "Enterprise Economy and Management";
  • "Management" (international, industrial, real estate);
  • "Marketing".
Master's Degree Programs
  • "Economic Theory";
  • "World Economic";
  • "Enterprise Economy and Management";
  • "Economics and management of the National Economy";
  • "Social and Economic Systems Management";
  • "Marketing";
  • "Accounting, Statistics";
  • "Property Management";
  • "Innovative management".
PhD Programs "Economics and Management of the National Economy"
Main Directions of Scientific Research 
  • predicting and modeling of management, innovation and investment processes;
  • economic and mathematical modeling in logistics systems;
  • creation of logistics systems for product promotion and their effective management;
  • assessment of the efficiency of production and environmental activities;
  • economic mechanism of nature use;
  • assessment of the national capital of Belarus;
  • the effectiveness evaluation of management of economic systems;
  • development, providing and evaluation of the economic efficiency of advanced technological processes for the storage, transportation, storage and burning of wood fuels, the use of non-traditional and renewable energy sources;
  • economic basis for sustainable forest management using geoinformation technologies;
  • improvement of the information management system for chemical and forestry complex management;
  • property complexes and real estate management.




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