Department of Economics and Marketing

About the Department. Department of Economics  and Marketing was founded in 2000 (by reorganization of the Department of Economics and Marketing, which, in turn, was founded as a successor of the Department of Political Economy founded in 1965). This is a graduating department. The Head of the Department is Baranovsky S.I., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor. The Department staff comprises 16 teachers, including 1 Doctor of Economic Sciences and 9 Candidates of Economic Sciences.


Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in Marketing, specializations Marketing in Chemical Industry, Marketing in Building Materials Industry, Marketing in Forestry Complex. Also, the Department trains specialists at the second stage of higher education (Master’s courses) in three specialities: Economics and National Economy Management, Economic Theory, Marketing. The Department participates in specialists’ retraining and qualification upgrade.

Academic Activities. The Department delivers courses for students studying its graduation speciality and other economic specialities, including socio-humanitarian, natural scientific, general professional and special courses. For teaching purposes, the Department staff uses innovative technologies and advanced training methods, such as problem situation modeling and resolving, computer-aided delivery of courses, development and application of the electronic database, software-based tests in courses, simulation-based training technologies (business games, role-playing games), rating-type knowledge assessment, educational films and presentations etc. The Marketing Olympiads are held.

Facilities. The Department equipment includes 9 desktop computers, 2 notebook computers, 4 printers, 1 express scanner, 2 copiers. The Internet is available. The Department’s facilities, including its classrooms and computers, are sufficient for training activities implemented by the Department.

Research. The areas of scientific and research activities implemented by the Department are as follows: “Marketing and logistic research of enterprise activities in chemical and forestry industries and preparation of practical proposals for improvement of their effectiveness”, “Specification of theoretical provisions for the development of effective logistic systems in chemical and forestry industries”, “Formation and development of corporate structures in chemical and forestry industries”, “Mathematical economic models in logistic systems”. The Department implements research and educational activities in relevant problems of marketing, logistics and production organization at three Educational Scientific and Manufacturing Centers: Elastomer, Marketing and Logistics at Furniture Industry Enterprises, Marketing for Household Chemical Products.

Now, research activities are in progress for the development of methodological principles for operation of corporate structures in chemical and forestry industries in the context of improvement of marketing and logistics, expansion of markets for raw materials purchase and product sales.