Department of Enterprise Economy and Management

About the Department. The Department of Economics and Management on Enterprises was founded in 2009 by reorganization of the Department of Economics and Management on Enterprises of Forestry-Chemical Complex (that was, in turn, founded in 1997, at the Economic Engineering Faculty, as a successor of the Department of Management and Production Organization, the Organic Substances Technology Faculty). Since July 2010, the Head of the Department is Lednitsky A.V., Assistant Professor. The Department staff comprises 13 teachers, technicians and post-graduates. Courses are run by 2 Professors (1 Doctors of Economic Sciences), 4 Assistant Professors (Candidates of Economic Sciences), 4 Senior Teachers and 3 Assistant Teachers.

Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in Economics and Plant Management, specializations Economics and Plant Management in Chemical Industry, Economics and Plant Management in Forestry Complex, Economics and Plant Management in Printing Industry, Economics and Plant Management in Building Materials Industry. The Department also runs post-graduate courses, scientific Master’s and practice-oriented Master’s courses.

The distinctive characteristic of the Department’s graduates is that, besides their fundamental training in economics, they also obtain profound training in engineering, provided by leading engineering and technical departments of the University.

Academic Activities. The Department runs more than 15 courses for students of economic specialities and for other faculties. For teaching purposes, the Department staff uses innovative technologies and advanced training methods, such as problem situation modeling and resolving, computer-aided delivery of courses, development and application of the electronic database, software-based tests in courses, simulation-based training technologies (business games, role-playing games), rating-type knowledge assessment, educational films and presentations etc. T

Facilities. The Department has premises with the state-of-the-art office equipment necessary for teaching and research activities. Advanced information technologies, including the Internet, are used for teaching.

Research. The research activities at the Department cover several areas, in accordance with the Department staff members’ scientific qualification, achieved scientific results, demands of the industry and research institutions. The aim of these activities is the development of theoretical and practical methods, techniques and procedures for improvement of economic effectiveness of the enterprises in chemical and forestry industries, building materials industry and printing industry.

As a result of their research activities the Department staff members have prepared 8 monographs, more than 210 papers, about 190 reports in proceedings of conferences, both in Belarus and abroad. During this period, more than 12 innovations were implemented at industrial enterprises, and 2 patents were obtained.

The Department staff actively participates in international projects, scientific workshops and conferences.