Department of Management, Business Technology and Sustainable Development

About the Department. The Department was founded in June 1993. Its foundation was a part of launching the economic engineering specialists training in BSTU. Neverov A.V., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, famous specialist in environmental economics and forestry management, has become the Head of the Department. In its development, the Department adheres to the scientific and academic traditions founded in XX century by the famous Belarusian scientists, such as Acad. V.I. Perekhod, Prof. F.T. Kostyukovich, Prof. A.D. Yanushko, that were, in various times, the Heads of the Department of Economics and Production Organization, the predecessor of the Department of Management and Nature Management Economics, and that have made a significant contribution to the foundation and development of the forestry economic education and science in Belarus.

The Department staff comprises one Professor (Doctor of Economic Sciences), nine Assistant Professors (Candidates of Sciences), one Senior Teacher (Candidate of Sciences) and three Assistant Teachers.

Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in Management. The graduates are awarded the Manager Economist qualification.

Four-year training for educational directions:

  • Management (Real Estate);
  • Management (Production), including the specializations as follows:
  • Management in Forestry Complex;
  • Management in Chemical Industry;
  • Management in Building Materials Industry;
  • Management in Printing Industry.

The BSTU Economic Engineering Faculty has run training in this speciality for more than 10 years.
Also, the Department runs post-graduate and Master’s courses. Throughout the Department’s activity period, more than 30 post-graduates and more than 10 Masters (including those from Iraq and PRC) have obtained their qualification, and 15 theses for the degree of Candidate of Sciences were defended.

Academic Activities. The Department delivers courses for students studying its graduation speciality and for other faculties, including the courses in forestry, nature protection and ecology, ecological economics. Innovative training methods are implemented and widely applied, with multimedia systems being in use, including the computer-aided lecture presentations, business games, case methods, video trainings, tests etc. The department houses the Students Scientific and Research Economic Club EconoMix. Advertising and profession guidance activities are held. Students participate in study circles, projects, international and Belarusian scientific conferences. Also, during their studies, the students have opportunities for sports, singing, dancing, fun and wit clubs, for active and healthy lifestyle.

Research. The key research areas are as follows:

1. Management:

  • ecological management;
  • personal management;
  • forest management.
  • Preparation of the state-of-the-art textbooks and manuals in management (including strategic, financial, entrepreneurial, production management).

2. Nature management economics:

  • theory and practice of sustainable nature management;
  • theory of ecological rent and rental relations in nature management;
  • development of the unified system of ecological payments;
  • ecological and economic mechanism for biodiversity preservation;
  • mandatory ecological insurance system in the Republic of Belarus and its scientific legal provisions;
  • forest policy, forest and forestry management theory and practice;
  • ecological and economic appraisal and cost record-keeping system for forests;
  • ecological and economic mechanism for sustainable forest exploitation;
  • forest real estate: theory, appraisal, management system;
  • ecological and economic evaluation for wood utilization for energy production purposes.

Career. The distinctive characteristic of the training course for manager economists in BSTU is their profound training in engineering, providing high qualification in production organization. Combination of engineering and economic education, advanced training methods, effective educational technologies and professional practices at high-tech enterprises make our graduates competitive in professional management and economics.

Upon their graduation, the students are allocated to the key enterprises in all regions of Belarus. Manager economists, graduating from our Department, work at leading enterprises in chemical and forest industries, building materials industry, printing industry, and in real estate agencies. While the period during which the Department graduates specialists is relatively short, our graduates have already hold executive positions, such as Deputy Directors, Chief Specialists, heads of departments and services. The best graduates improve their qualification at Master’s courses and, further, at post-graduate courses and doctoral degree candidacy courses.