Department of Statistics, Accounting, Analysis and Audit

About the Department. The Department of Statistics, Accounting, Analysis and Audit was founded in 1996. The Department is a subdivision of the Economic Engineering Faculty. This is a graduating department for the Accounting, Analysis and Audit speciality. The Head of the Department is Dolinina T.N., Assistant Professor. The Department staff comprises 11 teachers, including 4 Assistant Professors, Candidates of Economic Sciences.


Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains economists specialized in Accounting, Analysis and Audit, including the specializations as follows:

  1. Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Forestry Complex;
  2. Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Chemical Industry;
  3. Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Building Materials Industry;
  4. Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Printing Industry.

Academic Activities. The Department runs courses both within the scope of accounting specialists training and for students studying at other graduating departments at the Economic Engineering Faculty. The courses delivered by the Department include statistics, accounting, business analysis, pricing and marketing, international standards in financial reporting, inspection, audit and forensic accounting, finance and financial market, and other courses in accordance with the curriculum. Information technologies are widely applied for teaching purposes, including multimedia for lectures and application software for practical classes. The Department regularly holds Accounting Olympiads and subject contests (such as Amusing Accounting, Fascinating Statistics, My Profession is Accounting).

Facilities. The Department has the state-of-the-art office equipment (computers, printers, scanners) and software (accounting software, data retrieval systems) that are appropriate for effective teaching, and up-to-date technical appliances for lecture halls. The state-of-the-art computerized classrooms with the Internet are available for teaching, providing an access to the recent information.

Research. The research activities at the Department cover the areas as follows: improvement of record-keeping and analytical support systems for innovative development management in organizations of chemical and forestry industries and of publishing and printing industries; improvement of labor remuneration in commercial organizations. The Department staff members take part in several other research projects for resolving branch-scale problems.