Department of Material Science and Engineering of Technical Systems

About the Department. The Department was founded in 1968. The Department is headed by Dmitriy Kuis, PhD (Engineering), Assistant Professor. 

Specialities and Specialisations. The Department provides theoretical and practical training for students of the following faculties: Forestry Engineering and Wood Technology Faculty, Chemical Technology and Engineering Faculty, Printing and Publishing Faculty, Organic Substances Technology Faculty and Correspondence Faculty.

The Department participates in retraining and qualification up-grade of the academic staff. Postgraduate study and master course are provided for the specialists.

Academic Activities. The Department provides courses in 3 basic areas: material science, technology of structural materials and technology of mechanical engineering.

Facilities. The Department has the following classrooms and research laboratories for:

  • material science and technology of structural materials;
  • corrosion and metals protection;
  • sample-preparation and studying of structure and properties of materials;
  • metallography;
  • mechanical engineering technologies;
  • modern welding methods and technology of structural materials;
  • metalcutting;
  • attrition and wearing.

Equipping level of the department laboratories permits to provide studies and to do scientific researches at the highest level.

The Department cooperates closely with scientific and educational establishments of the CIS countries and the USA. The results of this cooperation are stated in articles and reports published with participation of the scientists of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Ioffe Physical and Technical Institute (S.-Petersburg), Zaporozhye National Technical University (Zaporozhye, Ukraine).