Department of Woodworking Technology



About the Department. The pre-graduation Department of Woodworking Technology was founded in 1949. Its founder is the Distinguished Educationist of Higher School of the BSSR Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Batin N. Now the Head of the Department is Igor Bozhelko, PhD (Engineering), Board Member of the Department of Woodworking Technology.



Specialities and Specialisations. The Department trains industrial engineers in “Woodworking Technology”, participates in training specialists in “Machines and Facilities for Woodworking Industry”, “Energy-Effective Technologies in Forestry Complex”, “Woodworking”. There is postgraduate study for speciality “Wood Science, Technology and Woodworking Equipment” and master course for speciality “Wood Science, Technology and Woodworking Equipment” (speciality code 1-46 80 01). The Department participates in qualification up-grade and retraining of specialists with Forestry and Woodworking higher education.

Academic Activities. The Department provides educational and methodical work on disciplines “Technology of Sawmill Production”, “Hydrothermal Processing and Protection of Wood”, “Glued Board Technology”, “Technology of Woodworking”, “Complex Usage of Wood”, “Technology and Equipment of Woodworking Production”, “Designing and Optimisation of Processes in Woodworking”, “Foundations of Scientific Research and Innovative Activity”, “Foundations of Intellectual Property Management”. Innovative technologies are widely used during the studies and material mastering control. Subject competitions are held every year by the department.

Facilities. The necessary material and technical facilities permitting to carry out high-level scientific researches and studies is created at the Department. Now there are classrooms and research laboratories of hydrothermal processing and protection of wood, glued boards, physical-mechanical testing of materials and structures, press, microbiological, and chemical. Laboratories are equipped by modern devices and installations to study physical, mechanical and operating abilities of wood and wood materials, wood protection means, to control technological processes of logging, hydrothermal processing of wood, manufacture of plywood and wood slabby materials. There are a lot of textbooks and course books the majority of which have been created by the lecturers of the department.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 73 50