Faculty of Information Technology

           Faculty site: http://it.belstu.by

The Date of Foundation  May 2014
Structure of the Faculty


The Number of Teaching Staff more than 70, including 8 D.Sc., Professors and 48 PhDs, assistant professors.
The Number of Students 730 students, 2 master’s degree students and 3 рost-graduates.
Historical Background

The Faculty was established to cater to the growing need of Information Technology professionals in the country. One of the main objectives of setting up the faculty is to increase the number of IT professionals in Belarus. Some of the other objectives defined during the establishment of the Faculty are the introduction of PhD programs, carrying out research programs for the industry in order to solve technical problems, providing consultancies to the local industry and creating an educational environment for the continuous professional development of IT professionals in Belarus.

The Faculty plays a decisive role in Belarusian economy providing education and training for software, system, and computer engineers as well as programmer designers. It was based on the Department of Information Systems and Technology (founded in 1983) and its further deployment was connected with the dynamic development in the area of computer science and its applications, called informatics. 

Graduate Programs (Majors)

1-40 05 01 "Information Systems and Technology";

1-40 01 01 "Information Technology Software";

1-98 01 03 "Information Security Software for Mobile Systems";

1-47 01 02 "Design of Electronic and Web-publications".

Master's Degree Programs

1-31 80 10 "Theoretical Foundations of Informatics";

1-40 80 02 "System Analysis, Information Control and Processing" (by industries).

PhD Programs 05.13.05 "Computer Systems and Devices"
Main Directions of Scientific Research 
  • information and innovative technologies in education;
  • information protection of computer networks and systems;
  • simulation models and software for the development of radar systems and on-board equipment of satellite's navigation systems.