Department of Engineering Drawing

About the Department. The department was formed not long after the foundation of our University and was called the department of Drawing. Since 2010 the head of the department is the Candidate of Technical Sciences assistant professor Kasperov G.I. The department academic staff consists of 12 persons, 6 of them are Candidates of Technical Sciences.

Specialities and Specialisations. The department provides general engineering training for students of all specialities (full-time students and correspondence faculty students).

Academic Activities. The department delivers lecture, provides practical and laboratory classes on the following disciplines: “Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics”, “Descriptive Geometry, Engineering Drawing”, “Engineering and Machine Graphics”, “Engineering Drawing”. While training students the department academic staff widely introduces instructional technologies, innovative forms and educational technologies, including intensification of studies by usage of computer technologies. Subject competitions are held annually.

Facilities. The department has 6 specialised classrooms to study Descriptive Geometry, Projection and Machine-Building Drawing. Interactive blackboards are used to activate training and educational activity of students.

Research. The department academic staff together with the department of Woodworking Machines developed technical documentation for prototype production of a machine for complex processing of small-dimension roundwood into lumber and pulpchips. Zharkov N.I. was the director of the research and development projects on creation of several modifications of machine tools for production of parts of wooden houses frames, and also on installations designing for thermal energy generation from low-grade wood waste. Kasperov G.I. supervises the research and development work as part of the State Research Program “Emergency Safety Scientific Support”. According to the results of research activity the department academic staff published 48 scientific articles and reports theses, received author’s certificates on inventions and patents of Belarus, Russia, Holland, the Czech Republic for the past five years.

As a part of methodological work the department carries out researches on improvement of the teaching method of the academic subjects. Research object is the teaching method of engineering drawing and materials providing graphic training in continuous educational process. The main objective is development of techniques and means of intensification of educational process on the basis of computer technologies and continuous graphic training. Within the limits of the given subject matter structural models of continuous graphic training are developed for specialities “Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances, Materials and Products” and “Machinery and Devices of Chemical Manufactures and Enterprises of Building Materials”, the software for teaching the section “Descriptive Geometry” and “Projection Drawing” with usage of the interactive blackboard.