Faculty of Print Technology and Media Communications

On March 29, 2016 the council of the Belarusian State Technological University decided to rename the Faculty of Publishing and Printing into the Faculty of Print Technology and Media Communications (PTMC).

The new name takes into account the objective changes taking place in the modern information society. On the eve of the 500th anniversary of Belarusian printing, we reaffirm our commitment to national traditions and the desire to keep pace with the times!

Faculty website: https://pim.belstu.by

The Date of Foundation 2000
Structure of the Faculty

5 Departments:

Joint Research and Production Center:

  • "Design bureau Radar-BSTU" with JSC "Design bureau-Radar";
  • "PI" with the Computer Graphics Laboratory of the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
  • "SchetTekhnika" with JSC "BelSchetTekhnika";
  • "Narodnaya Asveta" with the Publishing RUE "Narodnaya Asveta";
  • "BSTU-BPH" with RUE "Belarusian Printing House";
  • "Digital Printing" with RUE Publishing House “Belaruskaya Navuka".

Student Associations:

  • "Modeling of Technological Processes of Printing Production";
  • Creative Association "Bookbinding";
  • "Study of Technological Parameters of Photographic Processes in Polygraphy";
  • "Electric Machines";
  • "Microprocessor Control Systems for Printing Equipment";
  • Literary Club "Vetlitsa";
  • Student Association "Poshuk", which includes 7 historical and regional studies associations.
The Number of Teaching Staff

More than 60, including 4 D.Sc. and Professors, 36  PhDs and Associate Professors.

The Number of Students

More than 530 students, 13 master’s degree students and 14 рost-graduates.

Historical Background

In 1993, by the decision of the Government of Belarus, the preparation of national cadres for the printing industry at the Belarusian State Technological University began. In 1995 the Polygraphy Department was founded, which became graduating for two specialties: "Technology of Printing Production" and "Polygraphic Equipment and Information Processing". In 1999, the Department of Editing and Publishing Technologies was established, which trains publishing specialists.

In 2000 the Faculty of Publishing and Printing was founded. Since 2003, the Faculty has trained software engineers-system technicians in the specialty "Information Systems and Technologies".

Since its inception, the faculty has trained more than 2000 highly qualified specialists for the publishing and printing industry enterprises and IT-industry of Belarus.

In 2016 it was renamed into the Faculty of Print Technology and Media Communications.

Graduate Programs (Majors)
  • "Technology of Printing Productions";
  • "Printing Equipment and Information Processing";
  • "Publishing".
Master's Degree Programs
  • "Journalism";
  • "Machines, Aggregates and Processes" (printing);
  • "System Analysis, Information Control and Processing".
PhD Programs
  • "Machines, Aggregates and Processes" (printing);
  • "Computer Systems and Devices";
  • "Information Systems and Processes'.
Main Directions of Scientific Research 
  • Modeling of production processes in the publishing and printing complex of Belarus with the aim of improving and optimizing management and technology.
  • Research of machines, processes and aggregates of polygraphic production and systems of processing of the polygraphic information with the purpose of improvement of quality of work of machines and mechanisms, increase of productivity, accuracy and reliability of systems of processing of digital images.
  • System analysis of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the text.
  • Development and improvement of technology for processing textual information using multidimensional statistical analysis.
  • Information and Innovative Technologies in Education.
  • Protection of information in computer systems and networks.






Dean's Office 


Tel.: +375 (17) 327-71-98

office 144, building 4

E-mail: [email protected] 

Faculty site: https://pim.belstu.by