Deparment of Intercultural Communication and Technical Translation



The Department of Intercultural communication and technical translation was founded in 2016 on the basis of the Department of foreign languages to teach students of all faculties of the university foreign languages (English, German, French, Latin and Spanish) for special purposes. The Head of the Department is Alla Vasil'evna Nikishova. The Department staff comprises 24 lecturers, including 2 PhD in Philology and 2 PhD in Pedagogics, 3 Masters of Arts, 6 senior lecturers, 11 lecturers.

The staff of the department is highly professional. Lecturers improve their pedagogical skills by participating in seminars, round tables, and also during internships both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. French language lecturers are given the opportunity to participate in events organized by the French Embassy in the Republic of Belarus. Lecturers of German work closely with the German Embassy in Belarus, the Goethe Institute, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Improving the pedagogical skills of lecturers also takes place when working on the research topic of the department and as part of the scientific and methodological seminar constantly functioning at the department.



Contact information:

The Department of Intercultural communication and technical translation is located on the first floor of hostel #2.

The Department phone number is (+375 17) 226 10 82.