Research Work of Students

Student Scientific Society (SSS)

Given the problems facing the system of education which considers the task of training not only a qualified person, but also the formation of a creative personality, the ability to self-development and innovation activities to be prior, the Department is considering independent work of students as one of the main forms of the educational process.

Scientific and Technical Student Conference BSTU (STSC)

Every year (March / April) the Department holds Scientific and Technical Student Conference in foreign languages, to participate in which  students and postgraduates are involved. 

The best student reports are published in the conference proceedings in accordance with the results of the Scientific and Technical Conference.

Elective course

Taking into account the main provisions of the concept of teaching foreign languages ​​in the system of continuous education of the Republic of Belarus and on the basis of the requirements of new state standards, the department continues to work with third-year students in elective classes to study the course "Business Foreign Language".  The elective on a foreign language was introduced into the educational process on September 1, 2008 in accordance with the curricula of the 2nd generation. Training is conducted in a specially equipped audience and is supported by viewing relevant video films, followed by the discussion of individual business situations.

The work of electives allows to ensure the continuation of active language learning after the end of the basic course and to maintain communicative competence at a good level.

Research work of Master’s degree students,  postgraduate students and applicants

Teaching a foreign language continues further in the Department in the course of preparation of Master’s degree students, postgraduate students and applicants for passing the candidate's examination.  The training course is not only professionally oriented, but is also communicative.

In accordance with the objectives of a foreign language preparation, the content of the course is to teach various types of speech activity in the prospective areas of professional and scientific communication of specialists. The thematic content of the course is implemented into two ways; oral and written communication in a foreign language.