Faculty of Social Professions

Contact: tel.: +375 17 327 71 95

e-mail: ostroga.v@belstu.by, оstroga.v@mail.ru


▪ Amateur Performances

▪ Sports

▪ Foreign Languages

▪ Information and Computer Technology

The Faculty aims at providing additional training to the students with creative and special skills and abilities.

The Faculty is developing dynamically and sticks to the traditions of University education. It keeps in line with the emerging needs of labour market by adapting its curricula and applying innovative teaching techniques. The students have access to all necessary facilities to advance in their training.

Nowadays the Faculty numbers about 350 students with varied abilities.

Students who get skills of amateur performance are introduced to aesthetic, cultural and moral values. Enabling environment is created to unveil their creative potential and artistic skills. Students acquire good taste by watching the performances of outstanding vocalists, pop dancers, theatre actors and folk instrument players.  

Students of the Amateur Performances Department are active participants of numerous Faculty and University celebrations (Day of Knowledge, Christmas parties, Student Autumn and Student Spring Festivals, Student Inauguration, Club of Witty Youth, and Anniversary Events).

The educational process at the Sports Department is provided by highly qualified specialists who help students in their physical exercising, encourage them to achieve good results. BSTU provides students with all necessary facilities to keep physically fit, i.e. modern stadium, new sports complex, and gyms. Students trained at this Department are active participants, winners and champions of university  and inter-university tournaments.

One of the faculty programs is run by the Foreign Languages Department where students obtain necessary theoretical and practical skills of translation and interpretation of technical and professional literature and boost linguistic skills of English, French, German and Spanish. The teachers hold classes with the use of multimedia materials and introduce the latest achievements in methodology including blended-learning method.

Basic IT skills are indispensable for a modern professional who has to handle complex engineering tasks, a great amount of text and graphic information, to make complicated calculations and to work with massive databases. The program of Information and Computer Technology is designed to acquire theoretical principles and practical skills of the Internet, e-mailing and virtual communication.

The Faculty training courses help to obtain knowledge for further career and professional growth. The skills gained can greatly contribute to the competitiveness of young specialists on the labour market.

The Faculty annually welcomes new students who become active contributors to its activities and participants of the University sports and cultural events.