Department of Forest Inventory

General Information. The graduation Department of Forest Inventory is one the oldest graduation departments of the University, it was founded in 1919 on the basis of Gorky Agricultural Academy. From 1991 till 2007 head of the department was Atroschenko O.A., D.Sc. (Agriculture), professor, Honoured forester of the Republic of Belarus. At present Head of the Department is Igor Tolkach, PhD (Agriculture), assistant professor. 

Specialities and specializations. The Department trains specialists in specialty "Forestry", including specialization  "Information Systems in Forestry".

Academic Activities. The teaching staff of the Department deliver courses of lectures on all the specialities of the Forestry faculty ("Forestry", "Landscape Architecture", "Tourism and Nature Management") and on some specialities of the other faculties. The delivered courses cover the following problems: forest mensuration and forest inventory, management of forest resources, information systems in forestry and forest inventory, aerospace methods and geodesic support in forestry and forest inventory. The teaching staff deliver courses of lectures on 25 disciplines (subjects).

Innovative teaching methods, including computer technologies with the use of multimedia complexes are widely applied in lecture courses and PC software and technique — in laboratory classes.

Facilities. The Department is provided with a specialized computer study room, up-to-date geodesic and forest mensuration appliances, GPS-receivers, tacheometer, electronic measuring devices and ultrasonic range-finders, all of them are applied in the educational process and research work.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 226 08 43