Research and Innovation

The scholars of the Department participate in important scientific and technical programs.

The main trends in research are:

  • geoinformation systems and technologies – development and support of geoinformation systems for forestry establishments and specially protected nature areas;
  • continuous forest inventory - technologies of forest fund information updating based on annual account of current changes;
  • methods of forest remote probing - use of aerospace photo images for forest fund inventory, evaluation of emergency situation consequences, creation of map-making (cartographic) data;
  • selective forest inventory – obtaining information on forests with high degree of accuracy and possibility to control results of forest fund inventory made by conventional methods;
  • simulation – creation of mathematical models of forest growth processes to improve forestry activities.

Students actively participate in the department research working in subject groups: "Engineering Geodesy", "Forest Mensuration", "Industrial Mensuration with Principles of Forestry Management", "Aerospace Methods in Forestry".