Department of Forest Plantations and Soil Science


General Information. The graduation Department of Forest Plantations and Soil Science was formed in 1929 at Gorki Agricultural Academy at the initiative of Kosmach A., a great agricultural, first head of the department. Head of the Department is Vadim Nosnikov, PhD (Agriculture).



Specialities and specializations. Since 2010 the Department has trained specialists in specialization "Afforestation and Nursery Economy" (speciality "Forestry"), the graduates of the Department can be employed as engineers-seedsmen, engineers and managers of tree nurseries, specialists in afforestation, as well as heads of forestries and forestry enterprises. The demand for such specialists is annually increasing.


Academic Activities. The teaching staff of the Department deliver courses of lectures on forest selection and genetics, forest plantations, protective afforestation, mechanization of forestry work, machines and apparatuses in landscape architecture, forest reclamation of landscapes, soil science, hydrotechnical reclamation, hydrotechnical structures. The teaching process is arranged in specialized study rooms and training laboratories, multimedia complexes are widely applied in the process.

Facilities. The Department is provided with study rooms on forest plantations reclamation and selection, and on mechanization of forestry work. Educational practices and research are carried out at 20 forest educational experimental objects in Negoreloe forestry experimental station. The stationary forest nursery has been reconstructed, a mobile cone-dryer has been made. There is a set of soil tilling and sowing machines "Edegol"; specialized tables "Rumes" are used for controlling quality of seeds.

Contact inormation:

Tel.: +375 17 327 36 38