Research and Innovation

Branch of the Department in SEFE “Stolbtsy experimental enterprise”

State Experimental Forestry Enterprise “Stolbtsy Experimental Forestry” is situated in the western part of Minsk Region in the territory of Stolbtsy region. It consists of nine forest districts, production-masterful area and base orchard.

Forestry enterprise realizes forestry activity, harvests timber, wood processing, domestic and export sales.

Forestry fund administered by Stolbtsy experimental forestry constitutes 89.9 thousand hectares, which includes forested area – 79.6 thousand hectares. First-group forests constitute 65.1 thousand hectares, second-group forests – 24.8 thousand hectares. The average age of trees is 49 years.

Forestry activity is performed in the following directions: forest exploitation, forest plantation and forest cultivation, protective reforestation, protection from forest fire, illegal felling and other forestry violations, protection forests from illnesses and injurious organisms, conduct of hunting.

Forestry Enterprise harvests timber in round form, produces sawn softwood and hardwood, rounded and debarked wood, wood pellets, firewood and so on.

Products are delivered for export under FCA (according to Incoterms 2000) by road to Lithuania, Poland, France, Denmark, Italy, Germany; On DAF terms by rail to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia.

In the Forestry Enterprise, a side use of the forest is carried out: birch sap, wild fruits and berries, medicinal raw materials are being harvested. There are three apiarys in Okinchytsky, Starinsky and Kletishchensky forest areas.

At the base of the nursery a planting material is grown (seedlings and saplings of pine, spruce, oak and other species). In the greenhouse of the Kletyshchensky forestry, ornamental shrubs are grown. In the Prudsky forestry a dendrological park was created.

Branch Laboratory of Forest Seed Production and Reforestation with the Basics of Biotechnology.

The Branch Laboratory of Forest Seed Production and Reforestation with the Basics of Biotechnology was established within the framework of the implementation of the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 240,   March 30, 2013 "On increasing the effectiveness of interaction between organizations - customers of personnel and educational institutions" Belarusian State Technological University "and the reorganization of individual educational establishments ".

The Laboratory is equipped with modern equipment that allows high-level processing of coniferous forest seed material, growing planting material with a closed root system (CRS) and producing of microclonal reproduction of valuable plants. 

The Department and the Laboratory has a long-term cooperation. A large number of joint projects were carried out on the basis of the centre with the participation of the staff of the department. Every year many students are trained here. Field classes are also organized, where students get acquainted with the methods of assessing the quality of seeds, the technology of processing seed-bearing raw materials, obtaining planting material with a closed root system and the basics of microclonal propagation of plants in production conditions.

The main trends in research are:

1. 6-16 "Increasing of the productivity and sustainability of plantations of artificial origin on the basis of effective and theoretically grounded methods and technologies in the field of reforestation and afforestation, forest breeding and genetics, soil science and mechanization". Stage 2016 "Artificial reproduction of forest plantations of valuable tree species with selective-improved planting material based on soil and soil studies and complex mechanization." Scientific supervisor – Nosnikov V.V. (Ph.D.).

2.16-203 Task 2.1 "To hold zoning of the Pinot of the ordinary variety “Negorelskaya” and to apply it into the forestry production of the Republic of Belarus" state program “Forests of Belarus – sustainable management, innovative development, resources”. Stage 2016 “Conduct a record of the yield, harvesting and evaluation of the sowing material of the Pinot of the ordinary variety “Negorelskaya”, prepare the substrate and carry out the sowing of varietal seeds. To create test cultures of the ordinary pine “Negorelskaya” in Oshmiano-Minsk forest plant area. Scientific supervisor – Ph.D. Poplavskaya L. F.

3. 16-213 “Seed-forest plantations of coniferous species state analysis and implementation of recommendations on further improvement and exploitation”; “The development of methodology, criteria and rates for seed-forest plantations of coniferous species assessment. The approbation of seed-forest plantations of coniferous species methodology in forestries which have the objects of instant seed-forest base”.

4. 16-210 State program “Belarusian forests: stable management, innovative development and resources”;

5. 16-511“Developing recommendations for breeding planting material of small-leaved linden-tree with closed root system”;

6. The Department carried out 8 economic agreements.